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  1. Carol says:

    I was 20 when this first aired, but I don’t remember or know whats in the Emperor Burgers that Granddad wants, anyone care to describe them how are they different from Cheeseburgers?

  2. Roy Wood says:

    Apparently, there is an old VHS tape out there that still contains the Original instrumental theme tune at the beginning and end credits of EVERY episode of series one (all 7 episodes) and the new theme tune hasn’t been dubbed over it.
    Does anybody know what is that particular video?
    Does anyone have any details regarding this video and could please let me know and maybe even show a photograph or write a description of the front cover.
    Many thanks :)

  3. Rob M says:

    Good news for those who want to either watch, or record episodes of OFAH from GOLD on sky digital – because they are starting from scratch again with the 1st episode, Big Brother tonight at 9.00, which is followed by ‘Go West Young Man’ straight after.

    • Rich says:

      Cosmic! I’ll have to get that little Chinese kid to look at my video recorder first though!

    • Gemini 54 says:

      The actress who says hello to Del as he comes in the Nags Head might not be Tessa Peake Jones, but she certainly sounds like her if you listen to the voice but not watch the scene!

      • Rob M says:

        It’s not her.

        yes I agree the female voice that speaks to Del when he enters the pub – does indeed sound like Tessa, but it’s not.

        It was just a rumour somebody started up – and it did the rounds like hot cakes.

  4. Jumbo Mills says:

    The Episode Observation regarding the Crystal Palace scarf is a reference to a much later episode ‘Miracle of Peckham’ When Del describes Rodneys date looking more like ‘Bleedin Crystal Palace!’

  5. Luigi442wii says:

    That scene after the ‘dignified in defeat’ scene and before the talking chess game scene uses the original title music!

  6. Mr Accurate says:

    The missing scene doesn’t look genuine. It sounds like it was written by a fan. What’s the source?

  7. Mr. T. Silver says:

    I don’t think the missing scene is genuine. It sounds like it was written by a fan. What’s the source?

  8. Mr. T. Silver says:

    I’m afraid I don’t believe that the missing scene is genuine. It sounds like a piece of fan-fiction. What’s the source?

  9. Luigi442wii says:

    Why does Del say ‘bonjour’ in the proper meaning here, yet not anywhere else?

  10. Bart Simpson says:

    The first word in Big Brother is That. The last word in the last ever episode Sleepless in Peckham is Idea. These words do connect meaning all the crazy ideas they come up with.

  11. miss ex says:

    I thought Nicholas Lyndhurst played Rodney very well It got me watching

  12. mike says:

    I remember that original theme tune. Bloody awful it was and Sullivan was apparently fuming because he already had the theme we know and love written and ready to use. This is probably why it was replaced by the familiar theme in all but two episodes (this and the 1st Xmas special) whenever series 1 is repeated. I firmly believe the series had trouble getting off the ground purely because of this. It wasn’t until series 2 that the public really caught on to it.

  13. Carl says:

    Rather than chuck the briefcases in the river, why didn’t they let Grandad, who has a lot of free time on his hands watching two tellies, work through the combinations? They could then open them all up and sell them, avec the codes…

  14. del says:

    In ‘Big Brother’, Del claims that Rodney was born 13 years after him. He laters says how Rodney was 6 when their mum died, which would have made Del 18 or 19 years old. However, in ‘A Losing Streak’, Del claims that he was 16 when their mum died.

  15. inny says:

    The scene where Rodney says the only way to open the locked briefcases is to be a professional safecracker has a nice ironic twist in future years when he learns of Freddie Robdal.


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