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  1. John says:

    I don’t know if I’m right, but I seem to think the living room was a slightly bigger size in later episodes when Raquel lived in the flat, than earlier episodes when Grandad lived there. Perhaps they had built a new set part way through the series??

  2. Simon says:


    OFAH is one of the most inconsistent programs for sets. It always puzzles me about the door in the hallway.

    They never use it, but it seems to lead to the kitchen, but in some episodes it is used a coat hook, one episode has a shelf across it with heavy stuff on – and there are a few episodes that don’t have a door there.

  3. SerenissimaLuna says:

    I made my own theory of the floor plan but wasn’t sure how to add it to the site.


    I always notice how the doors to Damien’s room and Del’s room are aligned with each other so i don’t think there could be another room next to Del’s, The set did change a few times over the years though so i based this off the later episodes as they’re more recent :)

    • Rich says:

      This is how I imagine it to be, I think the others above have too many rooms. I would also like to see someone do plans of the original and later Nags Heads as in the early episodes it seemed to have another room at the other side of the bar with two archways at each side of the bar, the right hand side one leading to the exit. In later episodes the back of the bar had been blocked off with a spirits cabinet and the archway at the right hand side of the bar had also been blocked off and had seats around it. Then there was the back room seen in ‘To Hull and Back’ and ‘Video Nasty’ which in later episodes vanished altogether and a window put in the back wall through which Rodney sees the police car in ‘Dates’. Also a door leading to the car park suddenly appeared in later episodes on the same back wall.

  4. Den says:

    The OFAH was filmed in a decorated studio, not in a private flat. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d6muxYBBoRU

  5. TimmyG says:

    ‘The sky’s the limit’ episode shows Del & Rodney out on their balcony.
    The outside walls of kitchen, balcony and bedroom (assumed) are level.
    There is also a small window from the inner balcony wall to their kitchen. – I do not recall seeing this side window from within their kitchen.

  6. Apple says:

    Let’s not forget the episode where the Trotter’s front door opens directly onto an outside balcony.

  7. Tom says:

    I think Rodney and Uncle Albert must’ve swapped rooms at some point as when he leaves a cup of tea outside ‘Rodneys’ room when he thinks Raquel is staying in there (when really she’s sleeping with Del) it is on the left as you’re facing the living room and in the middle of the hallway.

    I think the episodes ‘Chance of a Lunchtime’.

  8. Craig says:

    This is something i have always been puzzled about as over the years the set has certainly changed. I am right now in fact watching ” The sky’s the limit”. The opening scene shows a view down the corridor from outside Del’s bedroom (camera in hallway, Del’s bedroom door on the right). This blows all the above plans out of the water as you should be able to see straight into the Trotter’s living room. In this shot there is merely another wall at the end!

  9. James says:

    Fantastic site guys, and fascinating stuff. Hard to say whether the toilet and bathroom are separate, it was certainly something I wasn’t sure about when I noticed it on here, but thinking about it, it’s possible. After all Del Boy is sat on the edge of the bath in the episode with Rodney’s wedding.

    • admin says:

      Thanks James
      The set is quite a challenge on Rodney’s wedding episode

    • John says:

      It does seem possible that the bathroom and toilet are separate as shown in the first & third pictures above. When Del sits on the bath in the episode with Rodney’s wedding, I seem to remember that there was a window behind him. If the bathroom was next door to Rodney’s room, then the window would either be on the wall to Rodney’s room or the wall to the living room. If the bathroom and toilet are separate, it would be possible that the window is on an outside wall

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