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  1. Gary says:

    Did I see Del-Boys curtains in Bob & Thelma’s house in a christmas episode of Whatever happened to the Likely Lads?

  2. Griff says:

    An observation on Fig 4B by KirkStacey – What is the room opposite Rodney’s???

    I didn’t think there was a spare room?

  3. Jack Tyrrell Killian says:


    Was this a piece of Coursework for Alison Blunt at Queen Mary?

  4. Jack Tyrrell Killian says:

    Robert, was this for Alison Blunt’s module at Queen Mary?

    • Robert Lamb says:

      Yes, it was Jack! How on Earth did you guess? Sorry it’s taken so long to reply – I was very busy at the time of your post trying to overcome the problem that a lot of grads are facing – looking for a job. I now have a job though and am currently on annual leave for Christmas and just thought I would check back here for any more comments, 3 years later!

  5. Enola says:

    Hi just wondering if anyone knows where i can get a candlestick phone just like del’s (Replica)?
    Reply’s much appreciated ;-)

  6. Enola says:

    Hi just wondering if any one knows where you can get a candle stick telephone just like dels (replica)???!!! :-)

  7. Griff says:

    Sorry..am I missing something here? A degree in OFAH? So when the user of this post applies for a post-graduate position, does he believe that his future employer will be convinced he has the right man for the job based on a very detailed and interesting piece on Only Fools and Horses?

    No offence meant! I take it this was a dissertation of some sort within an English Degree? If there really is an OFAH degree out there to be earned, we ALL must take up the challenge!

    • Robert Lamb says:

      Not exactly a degree in OFAH, Griff – I actually wrote it for a module of my BSc Geography degree called Geographies of Home, which is all about the materials in the home, types of materials and different representations of the home. It’s not a dissertation – just a coursework essay! The original length was just over 3,000 words, but I left out the literature review at the beginning and just put the part actually about OFAH on here. OFAH really does pick up on the themes of geographies of home after reading the article though, don’t you think?


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