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  1. Kevin Kean says:

    In No Greater Love the scene in the Nags Head Rodney is a little upset as he and Irene have finished ,Deo acknowledges this ,yet at the end when comes in battered, he says to Ridney it opens the way for him and Irene ,Rodney then says it’s all right we’ve split anyway ? That was already established in Pub scene

  2. chris says:

    Does David Daker play the policeman chasing del at the start of the episode healthy competition ?

  3. Gary MacMillan says:

    Surely Mrs Singh would be a Sikh not a Hindu.

  4. Gary MacMillan says:

    Surely Mrs Singh would be a Sikh not a Hindu. I also doubt she would move to Bangladesh.

  5. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    This episode was pretty funny, as there were a couple of things that would be used in later episodes, such as the raincoats Rodney and Cassandra would swap in “Yuppy Love”, and the concept of Del getting beat up in order to protect Rodney in “Little Problems”.

  6. Simon Nash says:

    David Baker also played Captain Rigg in the 1979 Dr Who story the Nightmare of Eden! Quite an all rounder as he was a completely different character to Tommy Mackay!

  7. mike says:

    The actor playing Tommy Mackay is called David Daker who appeared in various comedies like Porridge, Minder and (as you said) Boon. He also had co-starring roles in Dick Turpin (with Richard O’Sullivan) and an excellent but seemingly forgotten comedy-drama called Give Us A Break (with Robert Lindsay and Paul McGann). Don’t know what he’s up to these days. He’s retired presumably as he must be in his 70’s.

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