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  1. Anand Kumar says:

    I read an anecdote in a book that reminded me of Uncle Albert’s hilarious attempt to talk to the German girl. Here is the passage:

    “Neither is the public in British courts immune from eccentricity. There was a case in a magistrate’s court – or so the story goes, as I haven’t found the case myself – where a German tourist was accused of shoplifting. The defendant made out he couldn’t understand English, so the magistrate asked if anyone in court could speak German. A man in the public gallery volunteered, and came down to the well of the court.
    Magistrate: ‘Ask him his name.’
    Man, shouting in mock-German: ‘VOT IS YOUR NAME?’
    They were both jailed.”

    This passage is from “Eccentric London” by Benedict le Vay.

  2. Richy Rich says:

    I like to think i know most of the cockney phrases on the show but one has always baffeled me . What does the word FENICK mean when Albert offers the girl a piece of haddock in the flat then turns and says with a wink …. Keep your hand on your Fenick ?

    • Richy Rich says:

      Just looked at the script and its actually in the pub when Albert said it as he leaves and its spelt PHENIGG or something ??

    • Paddy The Greek says:

      It’s Pfennig- the German word for penny and the sub-unit of the old Deutsche Mark before Germany adopted the Euro as currency. I don’t think it’s rhyming slang for anything, I think Albert’s just trying to be smutty. (Use your imagination).

  3. Dan says:

    In the episode, he does say about ‘your little baby boy…’ and not as stated above 😁 . However, I’d like to see otherwise if anyone has anything different …

    • Mystery Bidder says:

      Del does say baby boy to begin with but at approximately 25m 38s he does say: “I know I told you it was going to be a girl, but it ain’t”.

  4. Rich says:

    When Del says “I just don’t know what’s been happening to me just lately! I’ve got more relatives crawling out of the woodwork than Blake Carrington” you can tell that that line was written for series 4 one year earlier when Uncle Albert first turned up. Of course this episode was postponed from series 4 due to having too many episodes from the rewriting of scripts after Leonards death.

  5. Deepthroat Ghoul says:

    I wonder how different this episode would’ve been if Grandad was in it?

  6. Sam says:

    Are there any cuts in the last scene, either on the dvd or when it’s repeated on TV?

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