5 Responses to “A Royal Flush Only Fools and Horses”

  1. Gracey says:

    This is actually my favourite ever OFAH episode… I’ve watched this more than any of the others. I will never get tired of watching it over and over.

  2. Rhill says:

    I think the worse episode ever made is “If They Could See Us Now”. Was a bit slow and boring. The livingroom scenes felt like a staged pantomime with all the characters waiting for their lines. Then the following episode ‘Strangers on the Shore…!’ was ruined when Boycie stayed overnight in the flat with Gary. So contrived. Pantomime acting again. “GARY!” “GARY!” “GARY!” The writer obviously thought: “How do I get Boycie to stay overnight in their flat when Gary just happens to be staying there?” Then it gets more ludicrous. The following and final episode ‘Sleepless in Peckham…!’ we have Delboy believing that Boycie had killed Marlene! And that subplot went on for ages. Give me ‘A Royal Flush’ anytime.

    • Roy Wood says:

      Yes, totally agree Rhill.
      The 2001 “If They Could See Us Now” was not proper “Only Fools And Horses”. It is nothing like the classic “Jolly Boys Outing” and “Dates” and all of the many other great episodes.
      True that “A Royal Flush” isn’t the best episode ever but it is certainly not the worse.
      “If They Could See Us Now” and the “Beckham In Peckham” 2014 Sport Relief sketch are the worse.

  3. Roy Wood says:

    No, I disagree.
    The worst ever episode to be made was “If They Could See Us Now” from 2001.
    This is the only episode that is awful and dreadful.
    Can’t watch this episode, it’s too boring.
    Oh and by the way “A Royal Flush” is actually one of my favourite episodes but only the original 1986 uncut version and not that dreadful 2004 edited version also I love the original “Miami Twice” in 2 parts and not the edited vhs and DVD versions.

    • Rhill says:

      Yeah when Del finally turns up at the flat after the gameshow totally inebriated – then he’s sober a minute later. Was the director asleep?

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