14 Responses to “Lennard Pearce 2 weeks before he died”

  1. pete w says:

    superb actor and brought great laughs sadly missed

  2. thomas young says:

    i loved only fools and horses it was just great so it was a shame he died so early we miss you lennard

  3. Paul says:

    He was a great part of the show. I could never choose between Lennard and Buster because they were both brilliant in different ways. It’s sad that they’re no longer with us.

    • Gary says:

      I agree. There could’ve been many more episodes for grandad to appear in and enjoy had it not been for Leonard’s death at only 60 something. Plus episodes with Buster could’ve been added later. And of course, if both Buster and Kenneth Macdonald (Mike Fisher) hadn’t passed away prior to the 2001-2003 Christmas trilogy, those episodes would’ve obviously turned out a lot better, though they were still funny thanks to the great John Sullivan.

  4. Deleted says:

    The photos in the wheelchair show outdoor shooting, which would be 16/35mm, can’t believe they would just junk the footage. maybe it was transferred to tape and that was “wiped” but the negatives might exist somewhere, although it’s a remote possibility now.

  5. cameron says:

    very moving to see him so close to the time he passed on R.I.P lennard youre sorely missed by many

  6. james m says:

    Im pretty sure there was a article about it in a old issue of hookie street. It had pictures and im sure it said something like

    “before you all get excited that there is a lost episode out there, ray butt has confirmed to us that all scenes involving pearce were wiped clean and are therfore gone forever”

    Unless they were shown on that children in need program and have been wiped since.

  7. james m says:

    I believe those scenes with Lennard were wiped

  8. Sleathy says:

    Love it! Love it!!! Great to see Lennard … I wonder what OFAH would have turned out like if Lennard had stayed in the show …I wonder where are the surviving scenes that were shot with Lennard in for the “Hole in One” episode that had to be redone with Buster … do they still exist???

  9. Ronnie says:

    Very Nice, He was also in the Hammer House of Horror as a vicar.

  10. daniel says:

    His Voice is so different as well

  11. daniel says:

    Great Find


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