6 Responses to “Only Fools And Horses Cast Reunion”

  1. clsre hamer says:

    How can I get ticket to meet del boy in person my parter loves him want s to meet him

    • Rob M says:

      Sir David Jason, sadly doesnt do ‘meet and greets’. He doesnt appear at conventions, and very rarely does book signings.

      the best you can hope for is writing to his agent, asking for an autograph.

  2. Steve says:

    No its like £15 each per autograph per actor. Its a bit over priced in my opinion after the value you get for money from the only fools convention.

    Some of the actors have cancelled now too.

  3. Sleathy says:

    That’s “wishful thinking!”

    • scott says:

      although perry was there, was disapointed with the cast reunion, £15 per autograph, and £100 for everyones autograph, was alittle to steep for us…

      i meet and had my photo taken with DANNY DRISCOLL, cant remember the actors name he was lovely, literally bumped into him on his way back from the toilet, otherwise the picture wouldnt of happened…

      The cast did a Q&A session which was very good, i also got chance to meet Jevon, he was really nice guy, and posed for a free picture with me and the mrs.

      I really wanted to meet christoper ryan, mainly because i am a young ones/bottom fan and wanted to ask him about rik mayall aswell…

      the show on a whole was very good, meet footballers, star wars actors, glamour girls, but it just goes to show how much fantastic value for money the only fools and horses society conventions are, BRILLIANT!

  4. Erroll says:


    Does it mean if there are no prices shown that autographs will be free? Not all of the actors have prices?

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