3 Responses to “Only Fools Fans Script”

  1. Samuel says:

    This is a really wicked script :D instead of del saying

    “DEL. Alright, want me to pick you up some medication? I’m passing the doctors on the way to the market.”

    He should of said “anti bi oics” like in one of the episodes when he’s talking to one of his friends, you could also say quacks instead of doctors

    But good work :D

  2. dan says:

    This is one of the best ones yet, i was reading the bit when Uncle Albert Hobbled into the Market, thinking this all sounds familiar,(thinking of homesick) but you wrote it into the script, and i also liked the ending, very clever, wont give away any spoilers but it was quite funny.

    i could imagine this working as something like a 10 minute comic relief special or something, a few years ago, obviously – but i always enjoy reading these scripts.

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