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  1. toni wright says:

    has anyone got an autograph of Constance Chapman (Elsie Partridge) for sale?
    please email me on toniemma1980@yahoo.co.uk please if you can help.

  2. Rob M says:

    only 1 small minor cut to this episode.

    when Rodney, Cassandra and Albert are sitting in the pub, discussing Del’s stomach pains, there’s a track playing in the background: ‘it’s only love’ by simply red.

    on DVD/video releases the music has been removed, and Rodney, Cass and Albert are still talking – but there’s no background music.

  3. Mr Accurate says:

    If only the BBC made more mistakes and accidentally put the unedited episodes on DVD!

  4. Rob says:

    So what happens to the line now, at the seance where Trigger says: ‘sounds like Jimmy Saville’

    another only fools cut, due to a sex offender?

    only reason I ask this, is because any mention of his name on a BBC programme is a very hot topic lately – isn’t a tweenies episode now banned because a puppet dressed like him?

    • Sam says:

      BBC1 edited it out when they broadcast it last year, but GOLD broadcast it unedited.

      • Rich says:

        In the missing scene with Mickey Pearce and Jevon I notice that Mickey has his right arm hidden and is smoking left handed. I wonder if this is because he had already damaged his arm in real life which was the reason John Sullivan wrote into the next episode that Mickey would be wearing plaster on his right arm after a visit from the Driscoll brothers?

        • Rob M says:

          I think so yes, Patrick Murray put his arm through glass and busted his arm really bad in 1988 – so John Sullivan came up with the idea that the character of Mickey was beaten up by the Driscoll brothers (hence the injured arm)

  5. sam fogden says:

    Hi, does anyone know if you can buy the EL DEL poster?? I really want this poster!!

  6. damon says:

    Which actual dvd is it on?? There have been more then one dvd released

  7. Alex says:

    What is the name of the actress who played Del’s doctor in sickness and wealth? The woman from New Delhi, anybody who knows would be great?!

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