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  1. James says:

    A Green Green Grass Christmas special would be possible but I believe that Rock & Chips could continue, especially with all the young actors and that would keep us fools & horses fans happy!

    I’m sure Rock & Chips would have continued, but unfortunately we don’t have John Sullivan anymore. Surely it has more mileage though? Ultimately it’s up to Jim and Dan Sullivan!

    • Robin says:

      The thing is Jim Sullivan wrote many episodes on his own anyway for GGG . I’m sure that he had discussed with John a potential del boy and Rodney visit to the farm perhaps a script has been written as apparently John and Jim had wrote series 5 before Bbc axed it. So this definitely has at least a xmas special left- go to itv if bbc are complete plonkers to turn it down! Jim needs to think how happy he would make fans just for one last proper outing not a 10 min sketch. There are clearly enough scripts / dialogue John had written prior to his death so these could cleverly be incorporated into a script with Jim chipping in. It would be such a laugh a 60 min special just the two brothers going to the farm…… Screams out to be made as I can picture so many funny potential moments . Just the trip there alone in van be hilarious trying to find farm and then staying Over for xmas be so funny or even a new year eve firework night at the farm Del Boy brings ‘hooky’ fire works in back of van and it all goes wrong for boycies public display ha ha

  2. Rob M says:

    Maybe 1 last green green grass Christmas special, but no more only fools and horses.

    Roger Lloyd’s pack’s death last year pretty much sealed the deal on anymore OFAH episodes being made – seriously how can we have the comedy without Trigger?, we have also lost Roy Heather (Sid), and we all know there is no more Kenneth Mcdonald (Mike) or Buster (Albert).

    It just wouldn’t work, the magic’s gone, even when those last 3 episodes in 2001 were made, there wasn’t much passion and life left, Kenneth and Buster’s absence was keenly felt, and the cast look so worn out and tired.

    I’m all for a new green green grass episode though, it would be interesting to see how Tyler has got on with his singing career (puddle of agony)

  3. I would love to see something similar and also how Rodney’s Daughter Joan is coming on and how Damien is now!

  4. robin says:

    Great idea! Ps David Jason doing awful a lot of promotion for fools and being Del Boy- can sense his passion – come on make one more Ofah or GGG xmas special for 2015 please……! You know it makes sense Jim Sullivan can use his Dads ideas / script and combine dialogue into green. Green grass one off special – just Del Boy and rodders visiting farm in three wheeled can , perhaps dentil also – del has a business plan somewhere where he could make a profit – taking country wine or cider that Boycie has made or something and Marlene cooks xmas dinner . Lovely Jubbly! (Perry please suggest to David and Jim and Hohn Challis)

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