13 Responses to “Win Rock and Chips DVD”

  1. Julie says:

    It has arrived.

    Lovely jubbly!

  2. Philip Coffey says:

    Have anyone of the other winners received their copy of this yet?? Still no sign of mine..

  3. Philip Coffey says:

    Still not got it. Will it be here for Christmas???

    • admin says:

      Hi Philip
      Lions Gate Home Entertainment have been given your details and are sending it direct – they have also given us another competition prize for the new episode The Frog and the Pussycat

      • Philip Coffey says:

        Great stuff good buddy. I will enter that too. I am just waiting very impatiently for my DVD to arrive!! It’s killing me!! Hahaha. Want to make sure I see it before next week.. Roll on next Thurs night!! Any news on a series???

      • Philip Coffey says:

        Lies, all lies!!!
        Vere ez ze Dvd?????

  4. Philip Coffey says:

    I’m freaking out here Zane!! I can’t wait for it to arrive! Have they been sent yet????

  5. Philip Coffey says:

    I won!! Middle of the worst financial period of my life, and I won!! Lovely jubbly!!

    Thanks a million to the admin, the ofah site, I’d like also to thank my parents, my 1st class teacher, my 2 dogs and of course my family. Oh what joy!!!


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