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  1. Beverley steel says:

    Please could you tell me where I can buy a jolly boys outing poster. Thanks.

  2. Greig Redfern says:

    We go every year to Blackpool on the jolly boys outing have been for years we go the September weekend and are doing it this year again down on the beano Friday the 26th September 2015 loads of pictures we even have a Facebook page (the jolly boys) we have been in the paper and everything and it’s great we base it on ofah we have a halfway house and everything

    • Irish jolly boy says:

      Hello greg, I’m a representative of the Irish Jolly Boys and wondering if you are interested in a joint venture at some stage?


      • Greig redfern says:

        A joint venture of the jolly boys now that would be something else you can contact me on Facebook by Greig Redfern or by email greigredfern@hotmail.co.uk

        We are off to Blackpool for our jolly boy outing in September on Friday the 23rd till Sunday the 25th

      • Greig redfern says:

        Think we should have a mega jolly boys outing clearly the Scottish and Irish jolly boys are up for it just need Welsh and English jolly boys

    • Irish jolly boy says:

      Hello greig
      I’m a member of the Irish Jolly Boys association and think we should pool our resources and have a joint venture.

      Up for it?


      • Greig says:

        Alright George let’s pull our recourses together and make a joint venture happen we are up for it at some point would be fantastic

  3. Kevin Haslett says:

    Could maybe perhaps OFAH could arrange a Jolly Boy Outing with pick up point around the UK with a single destination where all OFAH fans could meet up and have a weekend to remember. Perhaps it could win a guinees book of records award for the biggest Jolly Boy Outing ever staged. The destination could be a weekend at a Butlins type holiday camp where we could all go dressed as a favourite OFAH character…the On The Buses fan site arrange a yearly meeting in Wales where an On The Buses was filmed, so perhaps we could fill a holiday camp with purely OFAH and perhaps could persuade Raquel and Tony to provide an evening of song for entertainment and would be even better if we could get aa few more of the cast to come and join us on a yearly Jolly Boys Weekend. It could be the start of something very big… ie Madness take over a bUtlins each year for a Madness Weekend so with an even bigger audience of OFAH fans we could fill a Butlins very easily. Any thoughts lads and lasses, we could start a new chapter of OFAH yearly gathering outside the already massive Convention.

  4. Kevin Haslett says:

    I’ve been going on Jolly Boys Outings since the 70s with the Royal British Legion. Every year the Legion arranges a seaside outing for the members and it is a brilliant laugh from start to finish. We all have a sing song on the way there and on the way back. We have been anywhere from Margate to Clacton and Yarmouth to Skegness from our club in London. I am only in my 50s and started going as a teenager with my dad. Also used to go on what we called a Beano (Jolly Boy Outing) with our local football team club (Hendon FC) until it closed down and moved to a place miles from Hendon (Sad Times). Still all i can say is Keep The Faith Boys and keep the Beano’s and Jolly Boys Outings going as this is a Great British event that should never be lost.

  5. Gav Cuthbertson says:

    Went to Jolly Boys Blackpool Weekend Trips Every Year till 2010 then 1 Lad Started Asking if his Mrs Went too. No Amount of Telling Him it’s a ‘JOLLY BOYS WEEKEND’ was any Use as He said ‘Wor Lass want to Go’. In 2010 13 of Us went to Blackpool on a Stag Party & a Lad Took his Mrs (What Bloke Takes his Wife on a Stag Party). We were Gonna take the Lad Who was to be Married to a Strip Club but Couldn’t coz of the Lad Who had his Wife there. He sais ‘We can Still Go – Wor Lass can Sit at the Bar’. The Lad Who Arranged the Weekends Blew his Top & said ‘That’ll be Great – 13 Lads Screaming at a Stripper & You’re Mrs’s sat at the Bar – The Stripper willl think You’re Lass’s Gay’. He Replied ‘She’s Not – She’s Married to Me’. The Lad Who Arranged things said ‘We Know that but the Stripper Won’t Know will She’. The Weekend was a Disaster. The Lad’s Wife wanted Us to Go for Trips Up the Tower, to Fleetwood & some Museum when all We Wanted was a Good Stag Party. When We all Got back Home after the Weekend I Told my then Girlfriend One of the Lads had Took his Mrs & She Couldn’t Believe it. In 2011 my Mate Tried to Arrange another Lads Trip to Blackpool & 2 of the Lads said ‘Can Our Mrs’s Go too. The Lad Who Arranged Things said ‘That’s it – I’m Arranging Nowt More – It’s Not a Couple’s Weekend – It’s Supposed to be a Lads Weekend Away – A Few Days Away from Our Other Halves & have a Laugh as a Bunch of Lads – None of Our Wives /Girlfriends Go’.

  6. Mick says:

    “3. Put someone in charge of the sandwhiches (preferably without a disease)”

    That line cracked me up!

  7. admin says:

    @Nick Z any photos mate?

  8. Nick Z says:

    Been going on an annual Jolly Boys on the same May bank holiday since 1992. Same group of us still going but since 2003 we have ventured abroad ! we are all approaching our forties (married with families) well most of us are. It’s one of the best weekends each year. This year we are off to Prague for one night then move onto Brno for for 2 nights. Cant wait !! Lovely Jubbly

  9. John L says:

    We went to Brighton with the Ace Café as the Halfway house

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