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  1. Ian Scott says:

    I’m pretty sure it was on five gold rings in a scene between Freddie and Joan that he says something to her in French that meant ‘there is no such thing as fate”. I don’t suppose any of the more vigilant guys on here happen to know what the French phrase is that he used ???

  2. s. gwinnett says:

    really enjoyed the christmas rock & chips special, very well written and acted,i am looking forward to the easter special, if there is to be a series i think 50 to 60 minutes would be an ideal length for each episode, as much as i like rock & chips i would still love to see one more only fools and horses special made this year to mark the 30th anniversary, what do other fans think.

  3. Mohammed says:

    I enjoyed it, an am delighted they are considering making more episodes.

  4. Mark Cotgrove says:

    I didn’t enjoy the first ‘Rock And Chips’ but thought this one was amazing – especially the ‘J’adore……’ bit around the table with foul-mouthed granny. I nearly spat my coffee everywhere! A comedy classic!

    Being the pedant that I am, to me there were loads of detail errors: Playing music that hadn’t even been recorded; a mention of Motown (there was no Motown in 1960); DJ entertainment at a party wouldn’t have happened then. Even though the US had ‘Record Hops’ we wouldn’t have had them in a church hall. The only exception would have been the Jamaican sound systems playing R&B and Ska to the black community. Also, surely it was highly unlikely Amita would’ve spoken such perfect London English unless her parents moved here in 1942. There’s much more but I’ll leave it at that……. It’s a shame about all these niggly things because they get in the way for me. I guess the detail is the researchers fault? Don’t worry, I’ll get over it. I’ll go for a lie down!

    • david john says:

      detail errors…………….you are very sad, you missed the most obvious one………………a genius at work

  5. Bella. says:

    It was amazing. I’ve been unable to watch it due to my fears about it’s quality, and now I’ve watched it twice in one night. Freddie and Joan broke my heart; Freddie seemed almost unable to take his eyes off of baby Rodney when he was holding him, and no one noticing when Joan dyed her hair dark, and they were so in love! The conversation about the babysitter, and then the scene in Freddie’s flat.

    There’s so much I could say. Slater scenes were actually rather amusing; he can ALMOST fight back. The knitting needle scene was crazy funny; at first I thought they were talking about abuse, then that Granddad had spred a lie about drugs, but knitting needles?

    The scenes at the station were nicely done, such as when Freddie and Kelly spoke about the picture angels– with such calm matter of factness. I hate to focus so much on one character but…Freddie is such an interesting character; swinging between chilling menace, charming politeness, and the tenderness we see with Joanie and Rodney.

    I’m not very impress by Del, however. He had no interaction with baby Rodney, and that really bugged me, considering how close they grow to be. The ring scam does not help. In the original series, it was genuinely funny– and it was in this episode, too. Until Amita. Since the joke was first aired, I’ve always imagined brassy, blonde girls who could take care of themselves– not sweet, sad Amita. her face when she was telling Del she knew was..painful.

  6. j.lawrence says:

    Loved it, with a blink of a eye and it was over just wanted more and more. I would love to see more of the characters thats whwn it really came alive for me

    • j.lawrence says:

      sorry i what i wanted to say i would loved to seen more of the younger cast Delboy, Boycie, Trigger, Denzil, Jumbo Mills.

  7. Steve G says:

    5 Gold rings was 5 star brilliance. Another great episode and some wonderful performances. Kellie Bright really excels as Joanie. I think we’d all wondered what kind of a person she was after hearing about her throughout the fools series so its been a real treat to finally see her story. As ever John Sullivan gives us yet more insight into the trotter back story and I loved all the call backs, especially Del getting the 5 gold rings from Abdul’s Dad and the ‘lovely jubbly’ orange sign outside the cafe. Also having made studio audiences laugh so much during the warmups to fools and green grass recordings over the years, it was nice to see Bobby Bragg return as Don and still running the Nags Head.
    Roll on episode 3!

  8. Philip Coffey says:

    Right, now that the hype and adrenalin has settled, here’s my proper review on Rock and Chips 5 Gold Rings..

    It was brilliant.

    The End..

  9. John L says:

    I really liked it. It told a couple of stories some which were mentioned in the original series perhaps also the root of Del’s distrust of receipts of any kind.
    Yes, the cinema manager is appalling but he is also realistic. People like that existed in the 50’s and 60’s and Joan would have had no legal recourse to complain. Reg wouldn’t help and she doesn’t want Del Boy getting done for assault.
    I liked the further humiliation of Slater which builds into some of his later character. But Trigger is a disaster he’s too stupid. That Trigger wouldn’t never get a job with any council or be as cunning as he should be.
    But it was a great episode I’m looking forward to the next one.
    Yes, in future it should contain Albert as he and Freddy were acquaintances but at that time Albert is estranged from the family, so he would have to be in Portsmouth. Perhaps knowing a lot more than he ever lets on.

    • admin says:

      some interesting points John L
      i like the thought that Del’s distrust of receipts of any kind may of started their – as in the 1996 episode Time on our Hands this is a large part of the story line.

      Great observation!

      • John L says:

        I thought the prop of receipts in a bull dog clip was the same as that Rodney produced for Raquel’s dad when he was looking at the Harrison Watch.
        Actually after ‘To Hull and Back’ ‘Time on our Hands’ was the only time in Only Fools when the flat was a four wall set as it was in ‘Five Gold Rings’. Because I watched ‘To Hull…’ on GOLD the other day I noticed the same odd looking camera angles as in ‘Gold Rings’. The other oddity in ‘Rock and Chips’ is the lack of a bar in the flat which was even there when they cleared it out in ‘Long Legs of the Law’

      • alan says:

        by the way admin why is the tower block not called nelsen mandela house?

  10. Ronnie says:

    I thought the episode was very good, there were some jokes which were ok and did not over do it. The character in the cinema is a bit over the top and seems cheap but it is being made in 2010, so some modern elements are bound to make it in to the programme. The trotters flat does also look different but the set is just in the background and is not that important. It changed a bit in Only fools and other comedy’s in the 70’s/80’s. Maybe it was designed like that for a reason? The length of the programme was not too short really as 90 minutes is a long time and another episode is due in Easter. I cant wait for the next episode, I think one of specials would be best for Rock and Chips, a full series may not be as good.

  11. Pete Manning says:

    Sadly I thought it was average and not as good as the first – I have no idea what the Rayner character is about apart from JS trying to be “rude” – just not needed.

    Why was Aunt Rene not in the episode as much? – each scene seemed to be a sketch rather than anything that linked – Jelly Kelly disapeared and the entire scene with Freddie (or is it now fred?) asking who grassed him up in the pub was pointless as it never got resolved.

    It wasn’t Grandma Trotter who stated everything was shit but was the girl’s grandmother at the dinner table…and what was the knitting all about? – a unfunny “joke”.

    Even the flat didn’t seem to be the same – where was grandad’s bedroom? – the small shots of the hall to the other bedrooms did not match either and even the hallway from the main door looked bigger and different.

    Then there was the mention of Joan being Del’s age when she fell for him??? – how would that of worked? – if Del was born during the war…then surely that would mean there was more than a 13 year age gap between him and Rodney which is mentioned in OFAH..the tie in’s just don’t seem to work.

    Overall I thought Kelly Bright was great and the other characters ok – even Nick Lyndhurst seemed to be lost as to what he was doing there – Mel Smith was just a “famous” add in (if that was needed then why not have David Jason?) the story and the script though were average from a JS standard and just seemed to be “stringing” it along rather than giving a proper plot.

    I will need to watch it again to work out if it really was that bad but my initial thoughts are not good and could do a lot better.

    • Ian H says:

      Major let down I am afraid – not a patch on the origianl episode and a story line that went nowhere before petering out.

  12. liam says:

    -loved the episode last night, i have been waiting weeks to see it. i would like someone to say something about albert and to see when del got the van in one of the episodes and i did spot that in the flat that there is no room for the table in ofah. can not wait for the next one.

  13. Matt Lester says:

    (first post) I’ve been a regular visitor of this site for over 10 years now, and like many of us I’m fanatical about Only Fools. I really think Rock and Chips is excellent. I’m surprised how many people on Twitter think Rock and Chips is a comedy, it’s a drama with some funny bits!

    After watching 5 Gold Rings last night it dawned on me that in the first episode it would have been good if there was reference to the line in Big Brother “for the first 3 months of her pregnancy you were treated as an ulcer”. It was also good to see the Trotters in the flat. I agree about Mr Rayner, thought it was funny in the first episode but I think he’s getting too pervy now! I love the bits between Del and the boys and some great lines “I’m not wearing a bra” Trig “I’m not wearing a vest but I don’t brag about it.” Class!

    It’ll be interesting to see what the plot for the Easter episode will be, also I’ve heard 2 different things 1. It’s only a 3 part drama. 2. There will be a series. Can anyone shed some light on it?

    John Sullivan: You are a legend sir! Some people said you’d lost it with Green Green Grass, but there can be no arguments about Rock and Chips it’s excellent!”

    I for one would love to see Rock and Chips developed into a series, maybe going upto the 1970s? I would like to see how Del copes looking after Rodney after Joan dies and Reg leaves. Among other things such as with Del’s A Level results and the “8 As” mentioned in Fatal Extraction, how Del gets the three-wheeler, Boycie meeting Marlene, Del on his 2 paper rounds as mentioned in Yuppy Love, Trig’s accident when he walked into a “mind your head” sign and I’d also like to hear or see something of uncle Albert.

    All in all I’d give both episodes 10/10

  14. David says:

    Brilliant! All the hilarious, rofl-worthy jokes were there like “j’adore un soixante-neuf” and “this is shit”. Only two disappointments for me – we needed to see more of the hilarious Mr Rayner at the Ritz cinema [COOOOMMEEE!!] and it was too much shorter than the original one, though of course I knew the latter beforehand.
    You’ve still got it Sir John Sullivan; I can’t wait for the next one in Easter! :D

    • admin says:

      You are right David the hour felt a little short
      I have to say though, Mr Rayner at the Ritz is probably my least favorite bit -I’m really not sure if this is needed – I’d rather see more chat with Del, Jumbo, Boycie, Denzil and Trig

      • Dan says:

        Yeh I would love to see Del and Jumbo set up that Fish Stall they where on about in that ofah episode ‘Who wants to be A Millionaire?’

  15. Oliver Moran says:

    Well Mr John Sullivan has done it yet again!! Rock and chips was excellent last night. Well could not of expected anything less from a master. The only complaint i have is why are they taking ages to be shown on tv? “Next one not on till next year” Whats that all about! Liked everything about last nights episode esp Grandma Trotter “This is shit” lol loved it!! More of her i say! I have to say though the best actor in Rock and Chips is Phil Daniels who plays Grandad. He Portrays Grandad so so well you could almost think it was Leonard Pearce! He must of studied him so well. They should stop poncing about with all this one episode at xmas and easter rubbish and get a little series on screen it would open it up a lot more and be better. Come on BBC “You Know it would make sense!”

  16. Peckham Spring says:

    Right then here goes……. Last nights episode was cracking , I have been waiting weeks for this and it didn’t disappoint. I think they should continue with the 1 hour specials until Fred is blown up…..a cock up at the factory! Then straight onto 30 min episodes and Christmas specials……brilliant John , just brilliant.

    I loved some of del boys traits coming out last night , the French sayings around the dinner table , gold pure gold , the twitch of the head , Market trading of the dodgy singles.

    I think I read somewhere the next special is at Easter……

    Make a series John.

  17. Mike Bull says:

    Disappointed with the second R&C- not a lot really happened in it, did it? I almost found myself wishing that we were getting stronger imitations of the original characters- i.e, Phil Daniels could have pushed the growly old Lennard Pearce Grandad a bit further, Buckley could have been a little more David Jason like, etc. Trigger was a little more himself, and Slater was played well, but the young Boycie is a total non-entity, and I’m afraid to say that Denzil seems only more recognisable due to his colour and accent. The cinema manager character wasn’t funny the first time, and isn’t funny now. Fred and Joan, though nicely played, went nowhere as most of their scenes were retreads of ones we got last time.

    The first R&C told it’s tale and ended nicely, but the second one went nowhere and achieved nothing for me. Sorry.

  18. Dan says:

    I thought the Rock ‘n’ Chips episode was great last night. It could of done with some more comedy, especially from Trigger.
    But it was well wrote considering how hard it is write a script even though the future has been done.
    Del’s Mate (Trigger,Denzil,etc.) could have had more envolvement.
    Grandad was playedsuperb and really reminded me of Lennard Pearce.
    I Think in the next episode I would like to see someone mention Uncle Albert and also to have David Jason in the episode even if he is just in the background having a pint in the pub.

  19. Who says:

    So is it just me or did they change the name of ‘Uncle’ Albert to George durning the episode when ‘Grandad’ was talking about his brother ?

  20. Ian says:

    I thought that it was a great epesiod last night well done John once agian it was great hope it does turn out to be a series it was the only thing on tv worth watching cant waite for the next one.

  21. Perry says:

    Fantastic Show last night and the next one is just as good – details will be released soon as to when it will be shown – fingers crossed it may be easter, as soon as I hear I will post the date – it will not be next Christmas as kind of indicated at the end of the show, it will be sooner than that :-)


  22. Michael Locke says:

    sorry just did not get it…..bored me

    tried to like it – maybe im expecting too much – acting fine – character fine – but i think too much pervy element to this – what is the point of the scenes with the Theatre Manager…. considerng Only fools and Horses was aimed at a family audience. Im an open minded person but its just comes across off putting, the way its portrayed – not exactly very funny, this is what i pay my tv licence for!!!!

    But not a touch on the OFAH –

    why relate a classic comedy series to this – James Buckley is so funny in The Inbetweeners – so why miss the comedy , or i just dont get the jokes- the closest to be funny – was when trigger came out about the vest – bit like a cracker joke) – . not saying be funny all the time. But sorry i was bored even if this was not to be a comedy.

    apart from that – acting is good – just need more zest and inspiration – anyhow – looks like most people like it – so im not here to argue – i wont be watching the next episode quickly. So enjoy if u like it – just not for me.

  23. vicky says:

    what a great finish to this year! the only thing worth watching all christmas well done john and all the team very clever wrighting and you always pull it off ! you made my christmas thanks x

  24. aki13 says:

    I thought the episode was great.

    All the characters were just right and plenty of links through to OFAH.

    Highlights for me:

    Seeing the start of all Dels engagements.
    Seeing Grandma Trotter.

    Only one issue and it is really sad. But bear with me.
    The flat was too small and by the front door the wall came right to the door where the table was always fitted in on OFAH and as happened a few times in OFAh itself the layout of the landing has changed. A wall right outside the door where as their were often lifts their in OFAH.

    These are only niggling issues I spotted and just slightly distract me but never the less the programme itself was class.

    Role on a Series

  25. Philip Coffey says:

    There is a God. And his name is John Sullivan.
    That was more than worth the wait. It was brilliant. I loved every minute of it. It has everything. Wonderful actors, an amazing script and as much heart as it has comedy. I am blown away. I loved Rock and Chips, and have been shouting from the rooftops for a series, but now it has to happen. Five Gold Rings has taken it up a level. Its more than I ever hoped for in a show about the Boys and I hope the brass at the Beeb are smart enough to offer John Hope Diamond if he wants it. Just get it into a series!
    My highlight was Del at dinner. I laughed my head off. At his dirty French, his attempts at charm, his girls snooty parents and of course that brilliant Grandma. ‘This is shit’!! Hahaha. I’m off in to watch it again right now. Talk to you guys later.

  26. Rockie says:

    John Sullivan, you have to make a follow up series right now! everything about five gold rings was perfect; the humour, the wit, the story and the characters were great. even if it isnt a series, every christmas or easter and xmas should have a one off series as this show looks like the potential is getting better and better. del boy, freddie and grandad were great

    • admin says:

      Spot on Rockie – the cast was always the strength in Only Fools and Horses and once again John Sullivan has hit the perfect balance of cast.
      It still takes a few minutes to adjust to Rodney / I mean Nicholas Lyndhurst being Freddy the father of Rodney – I often think if any one was tuning in to Rock and Chips they would be incredibly confused until they realise that Lyndhurst is now playing father to Rodney

  27. steve says:

    rock and chips ,ROCKS. MAKE THE SERIES

  28. admin says:

    Rock and Chips tonight was a great little treat for Only Fools fans.

    It looks like John Sullivan has a load of scripts to offer, lets hope we get a lot more.

    So here was my highlights

    James Buckley was brilliant – he didn’t over act but has gradually shown the twinkling of the personality we have loved for so many years. He did a brilliant job.

    Best one-liner goes to Trig played by the excellent Lewis Osbourne.
    “Yes well I’m not wearing a vest but I’m not boasting about it”

    Loved Grandad wanting to call an ambulance for the emergency change of nappy – brilliant

    Nicholas Lyndhurst, who played Freddy Robdal alongside Kellie Bright Joan Trotter had a really great chemistry. – Classic Sullivan script with “Rodney has 8 fingers and two thumbs” – Freddy replies, “not on the same hand, I hope!”

    Really looking forward to the next one

    We now see how Del started with his french phrases – a good little sub plot their

    Really enjoyed Phil Daniels reprising his role as Ted Trotter
    great character and plays it perfectly

    Another Rock & Chips special this 2011 Easter is the rumour.

  29. Hazel Lowe says:

    There just HAS to be a follow up series. Rock and Chips brings back myriad memories of when I was a kid in the 60’s. The music, the headscarved women on the street corners tut tutting at the bleached blonde bombshells, the paper chain Christmas decorations.
    The part I would dread would be the death of Dels mother, so brilliantly brought to life in this programme, a beautiful, sad lonely woman,completely overlooked by her waste of a space husband. I am completely hooked on Rock and Chips and never thought ANYTHING could top our own Del Boy and Rodney, but it is surely already in that catagory of unmissable television. Do one thing for us out here, and make those programmes…x

    • admin says:

      Pleased you liked it Hazel

      I love the way there are glimmers of John Sulivans humor in Rock and Chips, but it’s not over done

      Great drama with flicker of comedy – masterful

  30. Ronnie says:

    I really hope this episode will be as good as the first. Sometimes TV shows go wrong when things get changed for to reason when new episodes are being made, hopefully everything will be fine with this new episode. Cant wait!

  31. admin says:

    Just a few hours to go until Rock and Chips
    Video set – check
    Milk and tea bags in stock – check
    Fire lit and TV working – check
    Paper and pen ready for my review – check

    Lets hope Rock and Chips is another Cosmic gift from John Sullivan

  32. big moe says:

    this show is crap should never been on the air

  33. nick says:

    cannot wait until its on. its going to be great. also the easter 1 also which will hopefully follow on from this.

  34. Philip Coffey says:

    Rock and Chips The Series
    Question:Will Rock and Chips become a series??
    Answer: How the bloody hell can it not.

    I have been a fan all my life. I loved the original series and like everyone thought that when it finished in 03, that was that. Shed a tear, laugh out loud, move on to the next big series. The Office, Extras, etc etc. Fine comedy viewing, no doubt. But not in the same league as that labyrinth of human emotions that Mr Sullivan created. Only Fools is life. My life, your life, our lives.. It is loss, pain, sacrifice, want, need, doubt and pride all wrapped up in a beautiful comedic hors d’oeuvres. I approached Rock and Chips as nervously as I approached that first bra strap, that first big penalty in the footie team, or even that first line of my wedding vows. But like all of those things, it just came naturally as breathing. It fit. It felt right. That is the thing that makes me belive it would be a huge mistake for John Sullivan not to make a fully fledged series out of this greatest of great prequals. Because there has never been such a great cast, writer, and of course adoring public to make this thing special. So please John, read this. E-mail me personally if you must. I will back you until the end my friend. MAKE THE SERIES. You know it makes sense.

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