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  1. Vincent Waldron says:

    And Lenny Corbett and bronco

  2. John says:

    I remember that Denzil was in charge of the food on the coach, until Del heard about his “disease”. Del gives the food responsibility to Mike, and Sid asks him why he shouldn’t do the food as he runs a café. Del says, “Well, we intend to eat it”.

    • Joe Dent says:

      Thanks for writing this article. It made me think back over my knowledge of the entire OFaH world, and was an entertaining take on the subject of the mighty Jolly Boys Outing. There are a few spelling mistakes in your article – but the information and intent more than makes up for this. Spelling mistakes and syntactical errors are only held against you when you write something contentious / YouTube ;)

  3. John William Jones says:

    abdul surely would of gone along once ?

  4. Marc Bowen says:


    That coach still exists today!, registered to an operator in Margate. A friend of mine did an MOT on it, was told by the owners about it’s OFAH appearance, then when my friend did the print-out of the vehicle history, he knew they were telling the truth!.

    • Rohum Pourtahmasbi says:

      Hello Marc,

      Just read your comment regarding the coach used in OFAH. Any chance you have the owners contact details? If so, please get in touch with me at rohumpourtahmasbi@yahoo.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

      Thank you,

      Rohum Pourtahmasbi.

      Mobile: +447739583097

  5. Arthur Boy says:

    I thought ‘Ginger’ had moved to Canada? Because I remember Del Boy using Dezils phone to call Ginger whilst doing a cackhanded decorating job.

  6. kevin healey says:

    i would suggest sid would have been there,funny that it was him that gave rodney the photo in sleepless in peckham yet he was not mentioned in rock and chips!!

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