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  1. hazelb bryan says:

    Personally I think only fools should be brought back as a new series. We could get to see Rodney’s daughter as a little girl. Del would have to marry his significant other Raquel. And be interesting to see if Damien is a little mini me of Del Boy. I reckon he would be. Yes I miss Albert. But maybe some Trotter cousins could pop up from somewhere. To me only fools Lost none of its magic. If Leonard Pearce and Buster Merryfield were still alive and one hadn’t had died they could have worked together on the show .I’m pretty sure of old age hadn’t taken them Leonard and Buster would have stayed on the show until it’s conclusion. Plus done any one of reunions that have been discussed. And rock and chips is amazing. That needs bringing back for a number of reasons

  2. James Lee says:

    I think Series 8 would have been the Christmas specials after Series 7. Think about it if the specials weren’t broadcast as specials but actual episodes you’d have had ‘Miami Twice’ as episodes one and two (the two parter) ‘Mother Nature’s Son as episode three and ‘Fatal Extraction’ as episode four then ‘Heroes and Villains’ ‘Modern Men’ and ‘Time On Our Hands’ as episodes five six and seven respectively. Series Nine would have been the first three episodes of the early 2000s trilogy.

  3. Ashton says:

    Yay Only Fools and Horses is back in Spring Thank you Dan and Jim

    • Rob says:

      However we are waiting for David Jason to read script fully! Please agree to it David , the fans want to see the Trotters to return so badly and it is John Sullivans ideas with help from His son it will be such a treat for us all. Honestly this news has made my xmas! Still cant believe it

    • Rob says:

      Thought this site would be reporting this story and have more details………..?
      Come on the suspense , we need confirmation!
      Who has said it will be shown in March???

  4. Griff says:

    Now the great man has departed us for good *sobs* we all know that a new series/special is well and truly impossible (unless John’s son and a writing team behind OFAH created something using potential scripts written by him).

    But, we all know that a new episode wouldn’t work. No Albert and no Mike. They haven’t been replaced with a couple of new characters when they should have in the last 3 specials. Then by now, we’d be use to them and be ready for a new special. But, it’s just a little empty now. I loved it when they brought the specials back, but we all know it wasn’t anywhere near the level of funniness that it has been.

    Those of us who want another series/special, (me included) know deep-down that our desire for this is merely our love for the show which has left us wanting more.

  5. lisa freestone says:

    i like the new cover very much

    from Lisa and tracy

  6. Tony Stratton says:

    I think that a story along the lines of a new jolly boys outing revisited with twists that send them to winterdown farm to boycie and marlene and tyler, and trigger joining curly larry and mo, jed, brian and elgin. they get lost on the way with one of dels sat navs, and end up dossing down on the coach, b & b etc.

    Failing that they could always do what we`ve all wanted to see del & raquel tie the knot.

  7. Jago says:

    Im not sure if series 8 would work because we have rock and chips(i would like to see david jason in it)and ther green grass.

    p.s i also have the complete collection so i dont want to go out and buy more only fools

  8. samantha webster says:

    series 8 would 100% work!!!please do it x

  9. Piston1984 says:

    I think the only possible way for OFAH Season 8 to happen is to make it into an Only Fools and Horses video game with the original cast members just doing voice acting for their characters, just like what happened with the Ghostbusters and Back to the Future games. It’s the only thing I can think of.

  10. russell says:

    i think a new series or a special would be great !! just 1 more for the 30th anniversary .

  11. Amber Steed says:

    I agree that I don’t think another series would work, but would like to see another special for the 30th anniversary. Not quite sure what more they could really add after the last episode, where Uncle Albert leaves them the money which saves them from being evicted and Rodney and Cassandra have a baby, but would still like to see one more episode back on the screen. I have been a major fan of the show right from when I was little and I was overjoyed when they made the three newer episodes.

  12. lardy says:

    i think they should bring the series back for 1 last hurrah as it is 30 yrs old and possibly then go and see boycie down in the country to end it all for ofah but keep green green grass and rock and chips going

  13. Dan says:

    Compare the “There’s a Rhino loose in the city” scene with the similar one with Rodney trying to write a script for a film (Sleepless in Peckham?). Absolutely no contest, “Video Nasty” was a cracking episode and around the time when OFAH was at it’s best. I would argue with anybody that series 3 is not only the best series of OFAH but the best of any sitcom I have seen. Series 4 and 6 were also great, but series 3 just shades it for me.
    As for bringing them back again, just leave it! Rock and chips is really good and has a lot of potential and some cracking actors. That’s where the future lies…

  14. Tony Sadler says:

    Like many others i was delighted when OFAH returned after the 1996 trilogy but felt they were trying too hard with the three specials. Although still funny i thought the laughs were slightly forced. However, i would love to see a 30th anniversary reunion possibly including Slater, Jumbo Mills & The Driscoll Brothers

  15. James Agg says:

    Ok I have been a fan since the very start and I have to agree that I don’t think a series 8 would work and to some degree I would go further and say that I don’t even want a special. OFAH should of finished with the wonderful trilogy and Time on my Hands. If being honest the series peaked at Series 6- these episodes represent the very peak of Del Boy and the ensemble casting and development was a work of true genius, I do think after this series, the quality was not as good, I think part of the issue is Del lost some of his charm and realism and almost became a parody of himself, this together with Rodney really no longer the absolute Plonker and growing up I feel the big brother relationship lost a bit of sparkle, this is not as a criticism, because even then it was head and shoulders above the competition and had moments of brilliance but I kind of missed the Del Boy wheeler dealer and there is only so much mileage with Trigger and Boycie. I think its time for it to keep its brilliance and lets not spoil the memory of the all time classic comedy of any generation

    • thomas says:

      I like your comments James, I too would not like too see further episodes of any kind and, dare I say it, classify the 1996 episodes as the end of OFAH proper. I like your description of Del in later episodes as almost being a parody of himself. Despite these shows still being hilarious, I think Del’s character became so big and so well known, the natural progression was to place him in more varying and more and more ridiculous scenarios to keep him fresh. I consider myself a huge OFAH fan but am comfortable to be it’s biggest critic also!

  16. Scott says:

    i sit in the position of not wanting anything to happen at all. admittedly if they made a special or indeed a new series i would watch it and most likely enjoy it, my problem with it is they ended the series so well… twice. how many more times can this series be ended in a profound way without it looking a bit silly? dont get me wrong i love only fools and horses, but each time that it has ended, it has been a great ending.

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