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  1. Ryan says:

    thought it would be released this xmas?????? Whats going on? Rock and chips was released instantly! I missed most of GGG series 4 am so annoyed there is no release date. What the BBC playing at.

    • steven says:

      I’ve just found on the wikipedia there is a release date for this on DVD 16th September 2013, your not the only one who’s waiting for this, I just hope it is the correct release date.

      Hope this helps.

  2. Ryan says:

    Can anybody tell me when this series is going to be released as boxset. Where is series 4? its ridiculous now, why has it not been released, i think its disgraceful and disrespectful to the late John sullivan.

    Anybody any news of release date?? As i really want this series on dvd.

  3. Ryan says:

    Any news on release date series 4 anybody? I really want this dvd as issed this series on televison

  4. Ryan says:

    If Jim is reading please, please continue with Green green grass. I think this series has alot more to give and it can introduce some more OFAH characters also for one off specials. Imagine Trigger visiting, obviously what we all want is del and rodders to visit them.

    i like my idea of Boycie starting his own B and B at the farm, think it would be hilarious. Has he would be a nightmare hostess, snobbish, checking up on guests, then a shock guest could arrive….. a loud explosion is heard, Boycie could say “That horrendous noise sounds familiar” and guess who it is Del Boy and rodders in the three wheeled van pulling up to the farm! CLASSIC all they way. Lovely jubby. Come on Jim you know it makes sense.

    • steven says:

      I agree, I would say bring Del, Rodney & Trigger (no one else) to the farm have Trigger saying something daft like “you live on a farm Boycie”? hahaha.

      With the van have Boycie, Marlene, Tyler & the farm staff in the Kitchen then suddenly they here a noise Boycie & Marlene say “we’ve heard that noice before” Elgin We’ve never had that before up here”, Boycie “The last time I heard a noise like that was in Peckham” then he relises it’s the sound of the Trotter’s Van, then Del, Rodney & Trigger climb out the van.

      Also it sounds a good idea Boycie owning a B & B, not trusting the guests paying for the rooms (we all know how tight he is with money), & making sure they don’t steel anything from the house.

      I hope they do series 5 & when are they bringing out series 4 on DVD.

  5. Ryan says:

    I have said before about the potential to maybe bring back the trotters perhaps visiting Boycies farm for dels wedding.
    Or even i think what would also be a perhaps less risky and more easier episode would simply be to see just Del and Rodders being inviting to Boycies farm for xmas dinner. This would just be a one off xmas treat an hour special where Marlene could be seen making a mess of xmas diner and del and boycie catching up and del winding Boycie up about his new life and just celebrating xmas.
    Nick Lyndhurst said there would be no more OFAH now, but surely David and Nick would consider a one off visit to Boycies farm via Green green grass. The viewing figures would be massive for this! John son writes cracking scripts so i know he could and would have some fantastic ideas. And technically it isn’t OFAH so its not as if there bringing back OFAH for a new series with a different writer, as this wouldn’t be right, as this is Johns creation And then green green grass could continue on its own with series 5.

  6. steven says:

    I’m getting a bit sick of waiting for series 4, series 3 was released on dvd the same year when series 4 was first broadcasted in 2009, I mean look at ‘My Family’ series 10 came out on dvd about 2 weeks after it was first on tv, & series 11 was released on dvd before the last 2 episodes of series 11 were first on tv. so please bring the green green grass series 4 out, why is it taking so long?

    • dan griffin says:

      i recently met john challis at a book siging and i asked him if it (series 4) was to be released, he said it should be towards the end of this year, some sort of rights have been settled after john sullivans death, so fingers crossed. here to hope. dan

    • Ryan says:

      i know where is series 4 dvd? must be released this xmas surely? a complete boxset would be nice although hopefully there will be more future episodes continued by jim sullivan as John Challis and Sue would be keen for the series to continue im sure. Especially with series 5 scripts already half completed

  7. lorna sinclair says:

    i really would like 2 know when series 4 will b released as ma bf is a true fan of the show he has all the otha 3 but is now wantin series 4 any info would b grateful thank you

  8. andy durham says:

    Series 4 is showing again each tuesday on uk gold with 2 episodes per week from 15th march 2011 if that helps anyone…ill record all the series and keepon my virgin box and ive just ordered 1-3 from amazon…so wish for series 5 to be re-instated and possibility from more peckham characters..brlliant programme and such a lovely setting..

    • kate says:

      they are not making a series 5,

      • stephen gwinnett says:

        i’m sure i have read somewhere that scripts were written for a fifth series.

        • Dave says:

          John Sullivan had started on Scripts for Series 5, then the BBC Shelved the Series in their Axing Spree along with After You’ve Gone and Last Of The Summer Wine.

          • stephen gwinnett says:

            does any one know if or even when ‘the green green grass’ series 4 will be released on dvd.

          • Adam says:

            I recently contacted the BBC DVD Enquiry and they said,

            “We are sorry to disappoint you but unfortunately we have not acquired the DVD rights to release any further series of this programme so I am afraid we have no plans to release it.”

  9. Timothy Smith says:

    Hi how many times must i watch 1-3 b 4 they wear out? thank goodness there on dvd .

  10. Ryan says:

    Anyone heard of a date? Its been ages!

    • admin says:

      Spoke to John Challis and they are still waiting to hear themselves from the BBC on Series 4 Green Green Grass release

      • Vickie says:

        Hi i just wondered whether you had an update on the release date for series 4? I cant wait :-)

        • admin says:

          Still waiting to hear about green green grass DVD series 4
          worth writing to the BBC on this

          • Vickie says:

            Hi, i contacted the BBC as you advised and recieved no response. I was just wondering whether anybody here had any info on the release date yet? Getting impatient now :-)

  11. Liam says:

    I want them to release series 4 soon and did anyone know they were in the middle of series 5 but it was shelved and i want them to do series 5

  12. liz says:

    we are still waiting for this as well cant seam to find out when release date is

  13. rachel lee says:

    ive been looking out for series 4 too anyone know how we would find out release date?

  14. Ryan says:

    No it hasnt been released yet, been over a year the other 3 didnt take this long, I hope it is released soon. Will the admins here know?

  15. Trig says:

    Isnt it out allready?

  16. Ryan says:

    Does anyone know when series 4 will be released on DVD?

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