5 Responses to “More lost scripts”

  1. Griff says:

    How does Perry get his hands on this sort of stuff?

    • Rich says:

      This part of the script is already on the downloadable scrip part of the ‘Royal Flush’ episode review page. It’s worth reading the ‘Royal Flush’ script in full on this website as the ending is very different as well. There are a few jokes that were not used in the episode but used later in ‘Dates’.

      • Sleathy says:

        Perry set up the Appreciation Society many years ago and he works tirelessly (as do others) in running it along with the merchandise arm – He is the logical person to have a script!

  2. Rob Matton says:

    I’m guessing this scene was probably cut due to time restrictions to stop the episode from over-running.

    As John Sullivan did have a knack for writing really-long scripts, which ended up having to be cut, because their simply wasn’t enough time in the episode for it.

  3. Dan says:

    This is a great find, it’s interesting John Sullivan later used this line in the ‘gulf war’ special, some 4/5 years later.

    “This van is like one your birds, it drinks too much, makes funny noises and is old enough to know better”

    I still hope one day that they find some full episode unused script written by John from years ago, i doubt they filmed every single script he wrote and he certainly wouldn’t have thrown them away.

    Would be a great find.

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