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    For me a couple I think would of made my top 5

    The time Rodney gets married in Little Problems and you see him and Del catch each others eye – Simply Reds Holding Back the Years is playing in the background – as a viewer you knew it would never be the same again. Brilliantly Sullivan moved the series on even with the marriage of Rodney, but it was another brilliant moment.

    I strongly agree with your number 3 – the throwing of the hat in Grandads grave in Strained Relations – sheer Genius in Sullivan’s balance of humour and drama

    Sleepless In Peckham also provided me with a similar sense of feeling but at a different time. Rodney has been in the printers to blow up the Jolly boys outing photo and he has the realisation. The music is “Sing” by Travis – i was goose-pimpled for hours thereafter.


  1. Top 5 OFAH moments

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