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  1. CraigW says:

    How about something similar to this, but down in Margate – bring back the Jolly Boys Outing feel?

  2. Pete says:

    A great exhibition. We interviewed Sue Holderness “Marlene” at the exhibition, and you can here our interview and watch a short YouTube montage here: http://www.frequencycast.co.uk/blog/2013/03/interview-with-marlene-from-fools-and-horses.html

    If you get the chance to go, it’s well worth it!

    Pete at FrequencyCast

    • George Darlow says:

      im going 2morro to see dels flat there to also what item’s do they sell pete?

      • CraigW says:


        From memory, there are a few signed Sir David Jason photgraphs for sale, other un-signed, but framed montage photo’s, various mugs (same as what is on the site) and an exclusive mug that is not on the site :)
        Also things like, monopoly game, fridge magnets, coasters, Rare Lost Episodes DVD . . .
        The list endless, there are lots of bits on sale, great chance if you missing any smaller buts, to add them to your collection.
        A great opportunity to have a photo under the chandellier too, and see some great clothes, and un-seen props before!

        I went on Friday, and enjoyed it that much, I’m going back again next week!

        Hope that helps?


  3. George Darlow says:

    are they the original props and costumes from the show?

  4. Veronica says:

    Hi just wondering if anyone is interested in buying a copy of Only Fools and Horses “The Bile of Peckham Vol 2.The book is in very good condition and has a dust jacket 9with a very small tare in itat the top front. it would easily mend. If interested I could email pictures of it. I am trying to reduce my book collection. Hope the Event at Southend on Sea (it’s very near to where I was born) goes well…wish I could attend. We love Fools and Horses.
    Hope you don’t mind me suggesting this. Thanks ve

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