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  1. Diana Parker says:

    I was (and still am)a huge fan of OFAH. I got turned on it when I lived in England. I am a Yank and we sadly never got OFAH here. I moved back to the states right before Rock and Chips aired on the BBC. I had heard about it and was excited to see it.

    I finally was able to catch the series on You Tube. Unfortunately Episode 1 was missing the ending on there. I really enjoyed the episodes so much and did some research to see if there will be any more Rock and Chips on the BBC. I then came to find out John Sullivan had passed. I was greatly saddened by this news.

    I know in the event of Mr. Sullivan’s death and the fact Rock and Chips did poorly in the ratings there wouldnt be any more episodes shot. I feel a bit cheated as I was hoping we would at least see this series play out to the deaths of Joan and Freddie. Not that this is a happy ending but ultimatately what I believe was John Sullivan’s vision for Rock and Chips as to basically give more insight into the life of Joan Trotter who was so idolized by his son and so present on OFAH that it would be sad not to see Rock and Chips through to the end.

    I am hoping perhaps some colleagues of Mr. Sullivan would maybe feel fit to at least write or complete, if written, the scripts of what John Sullivan was working on for RandC before his death. I would just love to see some closure to this fascinating bit of Trotter history right to the end. Does anyone else agree???

  2. tammy says:

    sullivan has past r.i.p m8 rock & chip’s was so good i watch it like a movie i would love there 2 be more but only fool’s will not be the same with out him:(

  3. paul collinns says:

    top draw tv we must see more , please you know it make sence

  4. dan says:

    John you have to make a series of this (if you hav’nt already!).
    It was simply great the first one! Everyone has been waiting for this (even del boy!), Please continue the fantastic work, looking forward to it so so much

  5. Dazza says:

    Rock and chips, fantastic, John Please please please do some more :-)

  6. johnboy says:

    the bbc wont make more unless u contact thm


    ON 0208 743 8000

  7. johnboy says:

    the nutz ,class


    ON 0208 743 8000

  8. [Blocked by CFC] mark stoodley says:

    Wow more rock and chips now, make it a large portion.

  9. Oliver says:

    Well Mr Sullivan, 1st the green green grass and now this. Brilliant! This was truely amazing and was facinating to see how all our fave fools characters were in the 60s. My Fave character is and always will be grandad, his one liners were so so funny and in the original too. Before seeing this I did have difficulty in seeing how John could turn it into a series, but after seeing his latest masterpeice I now know how he can extend it. Death of Joan, etc etc I am all for another series but obviously has to be more funnier but sure that wont be a problem so BBC let him make more rock and chips or else lol

  10. nathan says:

    I loved Rock and Chips last night and thought it would be rubbish but i love it. Like anything John Sullivan writes is good We need this to be a series and im sure John would love to write more but will the bbc actually air it. The era was good for the 60’s the acting was brilliant and a really good story line we would love to see What acvtually happens on Joans death bed lmao. I am really impressed and would love to see it as a series thumbs up John ur the best Nathan ofah till i die

  11. brian says:

    It done exactly what people wanted & explained lots too..would love to see more from sir john o’sullivan..keep up the good work..and who knows ? this time next year we ‘l be millionares..you know it makes sense

  12. steve flynn says:

    I really enjoyed this show. Having been a fools fan for 25 years, i was a little apprehensive as to how rock and chips would turn out. But i needn’t have been, it ticked all the boxes for me!! i just loved the references to things we already know about the characters, eg, reg trotter singing to adam faith, aunt reenee, grandad complaining about the jockeys strike (he always enjoyed a bet). I would love to see more of rock and chips, especialy the scene of joan trotter (on her deathbed) telling del boy to ”send Rodney for the fish” ;-)

  13. james says:

    must do a new prequel series based on the success of last night! absolutely fantastic!

  14. Waited for this for so long and it was definitely worth it! Lovely Jubbly!

  15. admin says:

    @Lee – it certainly looks like a quality production

  16. Lee says:

    i am absolutely well excited about this piece of the puzzle, finally being placed in the hilarious series of “only fools”! It looks so so authentic to the era it was set in, well impressed! Although not intended to be a comedy itself, it naturally lends itself to laughter, with the genius, John Sullivan, behind it all the way. Bonjour!

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