10 Responses to “Only Fools and Horses Script Part 6”

  1. Charlottebrown​ says:

    Good script​

  2. gaz says:

    Simon, a very tidy and fairly sharp piece, but I think maybe your two ‘hooks’ (the permanent winestains and the ‘wipes’) need to be stronger. ‘Scented incontinence wipes’ do not exist, as you can’t ‘wipe’ incontinence. Faulty food colouring, similarly, is a real stretch of the imagination, but just about makes it. However, one can’t really believe that someone, Rodney at the very least, would question these conceits. I’m not trying to be picky; as I say, these are ‘hooks’, which the whole thing hangs on, and the story grows out of, and around. These have to be spot on, and should be where you start from. You’ll find they’re the bulk of the “work” that needs to be done in this kind of writing. When you get them right, you’ll be amazed at how the rest of it seems to ‘write itself’, as you find yourself very easily compounding one set of unlikely circumstances with another, even less likely and yet more funny one.
    Keep going, brother. Keep going. You can write, so write. We need writers.

    Respect. G

  3. bill says:

    Great effort Simon. I imagined the characters saying it. I loved the ending too. Please keep writing:)

    • Simon Nash says:

      Thanks very much for the feedback Bill! I’ve got a few ideas. Just need to find the time now!

      Rodney: It’s what writers call the gestation period.

      Albert: Yah? and what do you call it?!
      Wonderful stuff.

  4. ComedyRemixed says:

    I really enjoyed this Simon, it felt like i was reading an actual script for the show, i could picture every scene as i was reading it, excellent story and it had some funny Jokes as well,

    I hope you make another one in the future, this was great :)


    • Simon Nash says:

      Cheers comedy remixed!

      I love all the scripts on here. I think it’s great that we all get to share in our efforts. lets keep em coming!!
      Who knows maybe one day they might call us all up and get us together come up with a new series!?! maybe not…
      all the best

  5. Kiel Phillips says:

    Good storyline and some quality jokes. Well done.

    • Simon Nash says:

      Thanks Kiel,

      Really appreciate the feedback. I’m hoping to write another one soon. this one all came about when I was in church watching the communion being handed round and giggled to myself when I imagined Del boy taking the glass and just downing the whole lot coz he didn’t know what he was doing. And turning to the vicar as he handed it back saying ‘Cheers Vic, that’s a lovely drop of wine that’ while the rest of the congregation give him a funny look. But I didnt use it!! that’s the difference between us amateurs and the great John Sullivan. He’d have made it fit!!
      All the best mate

  6. Griff says:

    I enjoyed it, Simon. You managed to make the storyline believable, and nailed each charachter.

    My feedback going forward (if you fancied writing more scripts) would be as follows;

    . Make it longer! Quality is always over quantity, but as this was part of a trilogy, more dialogue was needed and usually, sitcoms have a sub-plot of some kind going on, so the viewer has more than just one plot to follow and keeps them even more engaged with the viewing.

    .Include some more of the outside characters. Fools fan have an affection for Mickey and Jevon, and even Cassandra’s Dad. Would love to have seen these characters feature more.

    .Although the storyline was funny, other than the wine connection, the plot didn’t match the first two episodes. I know that a trilogy doesn’t have to relate to eachother. Just like Heroes and Villians/ Modern Men / Time on our Hands didn’t, but I got the impression that as the first 2 episodes were related, that naturally this one would be.

    A decent and funny script. Do some more!

  7. Simon Nash says:

    Hi fellow Fools fans!

    Just want to say a big thankyou to Zane for giving people the chance to share their scripts, knowledge and love for this brilliant show.
    Hope you all enjoyed this script as much as I enjoyed writing it!

    Lovely Jubbly!

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