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  1. Hi there, a little more information on the Dutch remake. ‘Wat Schuift ‘t?’ actually consisted of 12 episodes, which all aired in 1995 on the Dutch commercial network, RTL 4.

    Stef and Robbie Aarsman, the Dutch equivalent to Del Boy and Rodney, were played by Johnny Kraaijkamp Jr. and Kasper van Kooten. Granddad was played by Sacco van der Made (and on a completely unrelated note; he also voiced Scrooge McDuck on the Dutch dub of DuckTales).

    Contrary to popular belief and to what’s stated in this article: no, production wasn’t halted because Sacco passed away (he died in 1997). The remake simply wasn’t as successful as hoped, so it was pretty much cancelled. This in favor of starting production on a new season (the third series) of ‘Het Zonnetje in Huis’. This sitcom, that was based on the shortlived ITV-series ‘Tom, Dick and Harriet’, was a sitcom that formerly was shown on a public broadcasting network, but switched over to RTL 4.

    Johnny Kraaijkamp jr already had a starring role on this show (Starring together with his father, John Kraaijkamp Sr.), where Sacco was a series regular, both well before production of Wat Schuift ‘T even had started.

  2. Stu says:

    Are there any videos of the original, but dubbed into other languages – since this would be hilarious ?

  3. Jaka says:

    There was also a Slovenian remake a few years ago. Here’s a clip:


    Although the original OFAH was hugely popular in Slovenia, the remake was not, and it ended up being canceled rather quickly.

  4. Dave says:

    Was not sure where to post this really, but I thought you might be interested in this:


    An American remake of Only fools!

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