4 Responses to “Mucke”

  1. Drazen says:

    In English, the closest translation would be “Shady deals”

  2. Milan says:

    What Dejan said.
    Also to add to that, exact translation of the verb would mean: to shake/stir a liquid or anything liquidy.
    As there is another word for shake ‘tresti’.

    Anyway it’s in close relation to ‘mutiti’ which would mean to impurify, especially a liquid.

    Hence as mentioned, when someone is wheelin and dealin, they are in a way ‘impurifying’, so it’s just a slang word.

  3. CiCk0 says:

    Hi…. Mucke in Bosnian/Serbian/Croatian language is like slang for the people who are selling illegal stuff :) and do illegal stuff…

  4. Dejan says:

    Enter in the Google translator this:
    Samo budale i konji
    Set: From language Croatian to language English
    This way you will get the correct translation to your dilemma :)

    BTW. Mućke comes from a word mućkati which means to shake.
    This word is also used when someone is scamming like Del :) This is why mućke is used.

    Greetings from Serbia.

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