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  1. George Geapin says:

    I need a set of CDS of only fools sand horses.I thought I would be able to purchase a complete set through the fan club but no telephone number I did explain but someone thought i wanted them for nothing I shall have to use Amazon itseems I needed them before Xmas
    G G

  2. David Strutt says:

    Hi there, I’ve just come upon the O.F. & H. website. I have been a great fan of Del. boy & co.for many years and was saddened by the news of John Sullivan’s passing. I am an amateur writer of short stories and poems in the main.
    I recently had a ‘crack’ at writing a short spoof script and wondered if anyone on here would like to see it? It started as a hopeful challenge and ended up a lot of fun.
    I look forward to hearing from anyone who would like to see it.
    Best Wishes
    Dave (boy)

  3. Daniel Bastan - Sarabi says:

    Please Please PLease can you make more Only Fools AND horses John Sullivan, I am begging all of you at the bbc- aswell as all the other kids and adults. please Make them with David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst when they are old-also starring Damien and Joan (Rodney’s child)- not Rock & Chips,I’m begging you as I’ve seen all the films hundreds of times, even the special’s; and I’m stiffed bored watching ‘NEIGHBOURS’ now at dinner time; so please John Sullivan and The Whole of the bbc crew please bring back to everyone the best comedy ever! And I think series 8 is a good idea adding maybe more.

    • s.gwinnett says:

      it would be nice if john sullivan could write one more final only fools and horses special for christmas 2011, to mark the 30th anniversary of the show,i’m sure all the actors would find the time to make a one off.

  4. Hi there I sent a letter to you with a s.a.e and £7 cheque but I haven’t heard anything from you if you could just email me to confirm you got my letter. Many Thanks

  5. mr philip chester says:

    I have been a member for many years and purchased many items from the ofah fan club however, I don’t appear to recieved my copy of hookie street for some time now and wondered if you could confirm my membership no 1678. thank you

  6. "dave"latham says:

    i didnt know there is fools n horses fan club,but i have found you,then i am joining you.keep up the good work !!!!

  7. Martin says:

    That’s a great idea mate. Get one developed and stick your name to it. This time next year you’ll be a millionaire!

  8. Rob Ellis says:

    Hi Perry,
    link not working to join on line.can’t get out to post.can’t see a paypal option – is this available?
    cheers – Rob

  9. carl says:

    hi also does any body no where i can find a real good lookalike sheepskin coat like del’s

  10. carl says:

    hi im just wondering why no one has fort of makin an only fools and horses play station 3 game base on the series it would be great fun and a good seller i reckon

  11. James says:

    The link to join online doesn’t work guys! Would be a lot more convenient and easier than sending a SAE!

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