4 Responses to “Rock and Chips Props”

  1. Frankie says:

    Well why don’t people raise money for a new museum it would raise loads of money if t was good enough and had all original items 24 million people watched only fools and horses so why wouldn’t people go?

    And if theft is a problem make sure it’s out of reach and securely in cabinets
    I’d go there

  2. Sleathy says:

    How is it not fair? He formed the Appreciation Society, went to all the filming and was offered all the stuff so that we fans would, in time, get to see it all. No-one would know anything if it wasn’t for Perry, Keith & Mike etc. Fact – All the actors trust Perry so rest assured that we have someone who is responsible and is keeping our favourite sitcom alive with us. What is a huge shame is that the museum had to be shut down due to theft! I was there on Opening Day when Roger Lloyd Pack graced the museum with his presence. It was a great day and a lovely venue … I think the Dad’s Army part is still there in Bressingham, Norfolk. And remember guys like Perry put in countless hours to keep our favourite sitcom alive. So thanks to you Perry!

  3. Griff says:


    How does Perry always manage to retrieve rare items and props? It is NOT fair!!

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