4 Responses to “Del Boy Cap”

  1. CraigW says:

    I beleive thay the White Cap that Sir David Jason wore in Miami Twice, is the same one he wore again in If They Could See Us Now ?

  2. Jumbo Mills says:

    Looking at Rodneys burnt face in the picture above reminds me of the Episode Miami Twice part 1 when they were at a Christening. Del and Rodders both sported suntans even though it was cold and they still hadn’t even gone to Miami yet.

  3. Rich says:

    It really is amazing how a flat cap makes such a magical difference to Del boy. I remember being depressed at the time of series 7 as he didn’t wear one once! It was as if the old Del boy had gone for ever and here was this new sensible family man Del boy signaling the end of the show. So then I remember being delighted when it made a come back in ‘Mother natures son’ even though it was just for the allotment scenes, but that to me seemed like the re-birth of the good old original Del boy. I’m sure it was all down to John Sullivan who tried to neatly wrap up the show on more than one occasion but due to massive popular demand he had to keep untying a few tied loose ends.

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