One Response to “The Bells of Peckham part 6”

  1. Rick says:

    Not too bad – I do enjoy most of the Boycie lines. Very believable.

    Ronnie Pickering? Not inspired by the viral Ronnie Pickering video then?

    I know part 7 is due to be posted and I may yet be surprised, but no Trigger? Trigger hasn’t died in the OFAH universe. I do hope he makes an appearance shortly, but would be strange if he did all the same since he wasn’t at the stag do.

    Whilst on the topic of the sad deaths of OFAH stars, what about Mike? He could have technically been involved in this script. I know the synopsis says it follows the up-to-date OFAH team, but still.

    Not sure you can win with Damien and his dialogue. I think John Sullivan’s only mistake was his vision of what an 11 year old naughty boy should act like. This version of Damien seems far too sensible and straight headed.

    Rodney running away from the dogs – very good! Great continuity given his experience with Dukey.

    Quite a decent script but very short scenes with little or no one-liners/gags. It’s a great effort boys! Because I did raise a smile mostly! Keep it going!

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