8 Responses to “The Bells of Peckham part 7”

  1. Cillian Darcy says:

    Cool script, you should’ve add that Joan decided to help in the end when she graduate.

  2. Terry Keen says:

    I have just read the script. Very enjoyable and I could certainly imagine the episode in my head.

    I laughed out loud over the ‘I do all over her dress’ line.

    Tyler would have been about 28 by the time of the episode so he had attended University a few years late!

    I also think that Damien came across as slightly too sensible.

    Quite a triumph, all in all!

  3. Richard says:

    One of the best scripts I’ve read on here. I laughed out loud a few times which I rarely do when reading scripts.

  4. harrence says:

    I’m so scared

  5. Boycie says:

    Great touch with Trigger. It was very OFAH-esque.

    However, he isn’t actually dead in OFAH world officially. Nor is Mike. I understand that if this script was submitted to the Beeb, you’d have to be realistic with what you have left, but it could included Trigger, Mike and Sid still!

  6. Boycie says:

    Quite a good script. I felt the last couple of scenes relating to the church were the best.

    I couldn’t remember one Del Boy French phrase?!

    Great effort on the story telling. Shame there was no use of Jevon or Alan Parry. The OFAH family is ever decreasing sadly, so it would have been nice to include those two in.

    I wish Del had sorted out the hoody chavs on the London Eye – I know he’s an old man now, but I still feel Del wouldn’t have been afraid to give them a clip round the ear.

    Damien still seemed too sensible. I don’t think he should be so level headed and calm. I think you could have written him to be a bit more cheeky – not the way he was in the last trilogy of course, as his character was a disaster as most of us would agree.

    Enjoyed the read. Great effort and flowed very nicely.

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