9 Responses to “Best Episode of Only Fools and Horses”

  1. Fredrick Rodderick says:

    I went back and watched them all recently and for me OFAH definately peaked during series 6.

    The story lines were inventive and yet down to earth and belivable and the writing so damned tight. There seemed to be no desperation to be funny back during those episodes and Sullivan was above all else trying to tell a story which the jokes just naturally and effortlessly flowed from. Later in the final doomed episodes it seemed more as if he was attempting the opposite with the whole show being more about jokes with the storyline playing a more secondary role.

    If only they had seen this (and I think they did but where blinded by the success of the last 96 episoide) they would not have brought them back with such terrible results for the final 3 episodes.

    It’s very hard to say why exactly as season 7 and the final 1996 episodes were excellent but go back and watch them all together and I think you will see what I mean. Season 6 was the peak.

    I always wonder when he was writing the script for the final 3 episodes that would bankrupt the Trotters why did Sullivan not realize that he would be throwing away such an already perfect ending, and why did nobody at the BBC or David Jason or just someone not tell him, how perfect the ending already was?

    I think although season 7 was very good, as indeed where the 3 final 96 episodes, if you look closely at the quality of the jokes and storylines they were already starting to decline a bit after season 6, and they wrapped it up during this period because they knew they were starting to run out of steam.

  2. Rob M says:

    ‘ere that dipstick’s only had my smoked salmon away……. aint he?’

  3. Gerry says:

    should have been in the publics top 5

  4. Luigi442wii says:

    Personally I would say my favourite episode was either Tea For Three or Ashes To Ashes, but there was an excellent scene here: the “You Fought In A War” scene where Del mocks Albert.

  5. Griff says:

    I can’t agree that this is the best episode.

    Amazing story-line, but doesn’t do it for me in terms of being the best.

    For me – ‘Yuppy Love or ‘Danger UXD’.

    Sheer class.

  6. Andy Benham says:

    Two things that I remember about this that weren’t mentioned – Rodney also had to take part in a breakdancing competition, has 3 cycling proficiency lessons (the first of which starts the day after the skateboard race) and has ‘a 13-year old Bros fan named Trudy who’s got the ‘hots’ for him’ – should Cassandra be jealous?

  7. Oliver Moran says:

    I love this episode too its my favorite. My Favorite scence is when they just get off the plane and the penny finally drops for rodney and he realises they think he is 14!

    del: you see, that painting won 1st prize in an under 15yr old category.

    Cass: So they think rodney is 15?

    Rod: Is that right?

    del: Nah, they think your 14!

    Rod 14!! THEY THINK IM 14!

  8. Philip Coffey says:

    Watched this episode during the week and have to agree it is one of the finest ever. That golden period around the end of the 80’s early 90’s really gave the Trotters so much more than the market trader rogues we came to know and love, the drama elements of partners and children for me anyway cemented their place in my heart. All my favourite episodes came around this time, and this was no doubt up there.

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