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  1. Townes says:

    It is safe to assume Del, Slater, Boycie etc stayed at the Nag’s Head until closing, then they all went back to Nelson Mandela house by taxi, then they played records, had drinks and talked about the old days. By which point it must have been at least 1am.

    So where had the heavily pregnant Raquel been until then? Walking the streets?

  2. Rob M says:

    ‘NO, NO not Slater….’

    ‘Yes Slater was my married name’

    lol brilliant

  3. Anand says:

    I’ve just recently noticed this: in the scene where Del Boy wakes Rodney up(who is sleeping on the sofa), Del says: “No, no, no, Roy – Rodney, don’t go to sleep.” Has anyone else noticed this?

  4. Gemini57 says:

    Rodney was invited by Del at the beginning in the flat he said and i quite ” while don’t you come along might cheer you up a bit” it’s just after he gets the fax from Mike in their flat!

  5. Griff says:

    ‘In The Class of ’62, when Roy Slater is in the pub and Raquel walks in there is no drink on the table because he asks Raquel if she wants a drink then before he gives it to her there is already a drink on the table.’

    -Perhaps somebody in the pub just put it there? Or one of the waitresses placed it there in error? It happens

    ‘In The Class of ’62, when everyone is in Del’s flat Boycie rings Marlene to pick him up. When she eventually arrives you hear a very loud car horn – which is fine and everyone hears it and Boycie makes his way downstairs to the car. But the Flat is about 13 floors up so you wouldn’t hear the car beep in the first place!’

    – Assume the door to the balcony was open and it’s the dead of night in an estate with two or three tower blocks, where sound can bounce off the walls etc. More than believable

    ‘In The Class of ’62, If this is a school class reunion, what’s Rodney doing there? (He’s 13 years younger than Del and consequently the others as well, so he couldn’t have been in their class.)’

    -Very true. But I am sure he wasn’t directly invited. Denzil made a point of saying even he himself shouldn’t be there as he only joined the gang late on into school. I imagine Rodney has a lot of spare time as he and Cassandra aren’t on talking terms much in series 7

    ‘In The Class of ’62, when Del invites all the lads round to his gaff after the reunion, they start to go through a number of photos. When Del shows them the photo of the school football team, Trigger says, “There’s that Italian kid, good player, what was his name?” But if you look closly, Triggers voice has been dubbed over, it appears that he’s saying, “There’s that Italian Prat.”’

    -This is incredible. Somebody has gone to the trouble of uploading it and over-dubbed the over-dub with ‘prat’ – 21:10seconds in https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x5zavtx

    ‘In The Class of ’62, Mike admits to everyone that he didn’t get Slater’s name on the receipt book because he paid cash, yet later Roy tells the others “you shoot off, I’ve got to sort out the money with the guv’nor”.’

    -Perhaps Roy was diverting himself from his act of being a caring bloke. He had to use an excuse to exit the room. He wasn’t to know Del and co knew he had already paid.

  6. Gemini 54 says:

    I think it would have been better if she had told him her married name a while ago…this would have avoided all this!

  7. Gemini 54 says:

    I thought he looked about 15 in Rock and chips!

  8. Matty J says:

    Who’s Rachel?

  9. Gez says:

    Why do bbc cut their best ever programme to shreds?
    Class of 62 when they are drunk on the sofa where
    Is the mighty Quinn ? the song has been dubbed over
    You can’t hear anything

    • Griff says:

      They simply won’t pay the rights to certain songs being played during a scene or it may be times when it’s screen on Gold/BBC and they cut the more colourful language.

      • Ronnie says:

        That used to be the case but now (since 2009) for most songs they have a blanket agreement so have already paid, the cost of producing new DVD’s is too high they say that is why no new uncut DVD set has been released.

        So it still comes down to money as always.

  10. Rob M says:

    can anyone help with a question thats bugging me about this episode.

    when they are all sitting on Del’s sofa, discussing the schools football team photo – when Triggers mouth is dubbed, and he says ‘theres that italian player’

    well, I was wondering, when this episode was aired on BBC1 for the very 1st time, did Trigger originally say ‘pratt and not player’ – because you can clearly see, he says ‘thers that italian pratt’

    I was just curious if that line went out uncut, on the 1st ever time it was aired.

  11. Rich says:

    I’ve only just noticed after all this time the excellent attention to detail John Sullivan paid to the diamond smuggling story line in this episode. When Del says he and Rodney went down to the newspaper offices to read the archived articles on Slater’s arrest he says it mentions Slater was tried and convicted for smuggling 78 diamonds. In ‘To Hull and Back’ when Slater counts the diamonds he says ’30, spot on’. He also says that that was the third time he’d done it. So that meant he should have been convicted for 90 diamonds, but if he hid 10 of them which we find out he did in ‘Class of 62’ that makes it 80 diamonds that he should have been convicted for. But, Sullivan trusting the audience to remember (or only just discover years later like myself), said it was 2 less because of the two Del replaced with his fake ‘cats eyes’ diamonds.
    Absolute Genius.

  12. Tommy Razzle says:

    Even if Roger Daltry wasn’t known in 62 Del could’ve still had his hair style. Boycie could simply be making that observation with hindsight, you plonker! Anyway, didn’t Daltrey have blonde curly hair?

  13. admin says:

    What did Slater mean when he said
    “so get out of that one, Perry.”

    Was he referring to an escape artist
    I’m sure it wasn’t our very own Perry

  14. Aaron P says:

    How is Rodney 13 years younger than Del, Cos when he was born in Rock and Chips, Del looks more16 not 13. I also wondered why Rodney went to that reunion but I realised that when Del found out about the reunion, Del said to Rodney, “Why don’t you come along? It might cheer you up a bit!” :D

    • Griff says:

      Haha, there as been many reference to their age gap, and it is not convincing that Del Boy was supposed to be only 13 years older than Rodney. Haha.

      I’m thinking that Sir John made assumptions on their ages some time ago!

      • dave h says:

        Del was born in 1945, he couldn’t have been at School in 1962 as that would have made him 17. In Rock and Chips they were all kicked out of School in 1960.

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