8 Responses to “My 5th Greatest Only Fools Episode”

  1. Dave (not Rodney, please) says:

    I find it hard to compare episodes of different lengths.

    Best 30 minutes – Friday the 14th, Tea for Three, A Touch of Glass
    Best 50 minutes – Danger UXD, Chain Gang, Yuppy Love
    Best specials – Dates, To Hull and Back, Jolly Boys Outing

    If I was only allowed to have 1 show on the desert island it would be To Hull and Back as it has everything – one liners, atmosphere, storyline and it is feature length.

  2. Dave says:

    1. The Jolly Boy’s Outing
    2. The Unlucky Winner Is…
    3. Danger UXD
    4. A Losing Streak
    5. A Touch Of Glass

  3. CJ says:

    Hard to do it, but here are my top 5;
    5) Dates
    4) Jolly Boys Outing
    3) Video Nasty
    2) The Unlucky Winner Is
    1) Danger UXD

    • admin says:

      Wow Video Nasty made it number 3 in your Greatest Only Fools Episode”
      I just didnt get it

      Just goes to show how one mans bad episode can make it into anothers top3

  4. Trig says:

    i see Jolly Boys Outing made it into your top 5 – mine too

  5. Mohammed says:

    I cannot hold back here are my favorites

    Jolly Boys Outing
    Yuppy Love
    3 Men a woman and a baby
    Losing Streak

  6. Ronnie says:

    I would say these are the top five.

    1. A Losing Streak.
    2.Tea for Three.
    3.The Jolly Boys Outing.
    4. A touch of glass.
    5.Friday the 14th.

  7. Trig says:

    Just Love Friday 14th
    Must watch it again

    Awesome one liners in that episode

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