One Response to “Friday the 14th Episode Review”

  1. Alex says:

    The entire episode is a textbook example of how to build and maintain dramatic tension.

    If you removed all the comedic parts, what you have left is a first rate skeleton plot for a horror story.
    It’s brilliantly scripted, and considering that the entire cast has such perfect timing, the dramatic elements are all carried off with such precision that it’s hard not to be engaged by it.

    Lennard Pearce’s performance in this episode is probably his best OFAH outside of Touch of Glass (discounting his conversation with Trigger’s grandad Arthur of course, that is just gold!).

    OFAH has a number of landmark episodes where you begin to see just how good the writing and performances can be, and this has to be one of them.
    I’ve watched it so many times I’ve lost count, but even now it still reduces me to a giggling wreck!

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