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  1. Gemini 56 says:

    what does del mean when he says to rodney and grandad keep sprawsing?

  2. Jimmy says:

    Because he only knew Freddy as Uncle Fred and later on from Frog’s legacy he realised that,Uncle Fred must be Freddy the frog

  3. Jimmy says:

    Rob it was’nt a mistake Del boy only knew Freddy as Uncle Fred not his nickname ”Freddy the frog” so when he hears the name Freddy the frog in frog’s legacy he did’nt know who it was because he never knew his ”Uncle Fred’s nickname.In Sleepless In Peckham he sees a photo of Freddy and knows it’s him because he recognises him from the 60’s in the photo as Uncle Fred and then realises he’s Freddy the frog

    • Rob says:

      Oh right, but you would think he would remember and put two and two together wouldn’t you, especially somebody who was so close to his mum with the same name Fred who looks alot like Rodney?

  4. Jacko says:

    It’s ironic in a way when Slater gets off the phone, and asks Del: “Did you know who that was?” in which Del jokingly replies: “The wife?”.
    Because if he had been speaking to his wife, it would of been Raquel, who was famously Del’s partner throughout Series 7 and all the specials.

    • admin says:

      Yes it’s beautiful irony which John Sullivan often teased us with for decades

      • Rob says:

        Can I just ask you know there is one thing which I cant figure out and im not sure if John Sullivan made a mistake with this. You know in frogs legacy del doesn’t know who Freddy frog was, yet in the last episode he claims he called him uncle fred when he was a kid. Is this a mistake by John Sullivan?, strange because he was such a fantastic writer with attention to detail throughout the series. But it just doesn’t make sense to me?

        • Gemini 56 says:

          proobsbly so far back that by the time he wriiten so many scripts forgot maybe an oversight maybe or didnt check old scripts so a contututiy thing.

    • Rob M says:

      Yeah good thinking, I never thought of that – I suppose your right there!


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