5 Responses to “Free Sue Holderness autographed photograph”

  1. Toni Beecroft says:

    This is a bit random but would it be possible for this message to be passed on to Sue??

    We run a pub in a village 7 miles from Grimsby and have been having a celebrity chef competition where residents of the village have been coming in and creating their own menu. The people attending then vote on the food served. THis is due to come to an end on 12th December with a presentation night on 19th December. We notice that Sue is doing pantomime in Grimsby at this time and wondered if she would come cook for our chefs and/or present the award?

    We look forward to hearing something.

  2. Ryan says:

    How can you do that? this website? thanks

  3. Ronnie says:

    I almost forgot about this.

  4. Rachael Louise Gerrard says:

    Hi, Is This Still Valid?? :)

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