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  1. Sam says:

    Will this be coming to New Zealand?

  2. John says:

    Does anyone know when the 2016 convention tickets go on sale? Thanks

  3. Rob M says:

    I have only been to 1 convention, and whilst it was fantastic and I adored it – I must confess, there must be an easier way, than being in a que for hours.

    I understand what some are saying, that there must be an easier way.

    what about if the public were booked into time slots? so at that particular time, you are meeting the certain actor/actress.

    for example, when you get your convention ticket through the post, it gives you the specific time you have to be there for your 5-10 mins of meeting the stars.

    e.g. (example names) David Greenway 10.30, Mike Jones 10.40

  4. Rob M says:

    I would have loved to have met Arnie, if I’d have gone.

    I’d just be begging for him to say to me: ‘I’m not running a corner shop Rob, I’m a dealer, I buy and sell jewellry in bulk’ lol

  5. I know there would be extra costs involved but it would be good if it was two days next year :)

  6. Gareth says:

    Nothing like it on Earth – no seriously!!
    Attended convention yesterday at Worthing Leisure Centre, West Sussex. Ala only had standard ticket, and arrived in time and gained access to queue at 9.50AM. Boycoted the stands and interactive to see the celebs first.
    Disclaimers everywhere that queue time could be long, but I’m patient. 8 HOURS!!!!!! really! I eventually got to see the celebs at 5.50PM and was whisked through due to the others still waiting behind me.
    I’m actually too tired to be angry at this. There was no need for it to take this long and is unacceptable. Thankfully other queue members were understanding and allowed us to take comfort breaks without loosing my place.
    Why don’t you take a leaf out of other convention practices and charge for time slots – it works.

    • Griff says:

      Yeah, I have done 2 conventions and boy – it takes it out of you. Worth it in the end but there definitely needs to be some sort of stricter system in place to allow the queues to flow through quicker.

      I expect this is easier said than done.

    • Keith Fines says:

      You will queue all day long.
      Really poor organisation.
      £80 for a Golden Ticket which gets you nothing.
      Tickets are normally £10.
      Time to call it a day Perry. You are clueless.

      • Lee says:

        I’d just like to say that I waited in the que for around 7 and a Half hours and I’m in no way annoyed or angry. I had a brilliant day, loved the environment of fellow only fools fans, also it’s a long day for the celebs as well and think that needs to be taken into consideration before you are quick to slate the waiting time.
        And as for that comment telling Perry to give it up?? You must be some kind of uneducate, oblivious and quite frankly in apreciative f#ckwhit! I like to think I speak on behalf of all the true only fools fans that I am so great full that somebody has taken their time to organise such an amazing experience to meet the stars! It’s very rare to get that opitunity and I for 1 and thankful someone has organised such event!
        I very much look forward to many for conventions! Keep up the good work Perry. We all appreciate it.

        Oh and Keith on your bike you berk!!

        • Daniel Hic says:

          Sorry Lee people can have views on here… It sounds like you have your tongue firmly up Perry’s backside

          • Lee says:

            Never met the guy, just wouldn’t like the conventions to stop for a idiot telling him to give it up. That’s my view pal

  7. Lisa says:

    What is a golden ticket? There £80 each? What do u get4ghe money? Huge fan…xxx

  8. Tom bowen says:

    Hi I went to convention today and it was brilliant and I was wondering if the lookalikes do private appearances and if so how do I organise

  9. Daniel lumsden says:

    Hi I’ve got normal tickets and was wondering if there was anyway of upgrading to gold or early bird.

  10. Ema says:

    I brought tickets in 2014 for the 2015 convention and I haven’t received mine as yet. How can I check on progress or is there a number anywhere for me to call?

  11. Ema says:

    I brought tickets in Oct 2014 for this years convention and I don’t think they’ve arrived yet nor do I have any way of checking – other than with the card I paid with. Are there any contact details anywhere so I can follow this up?

  12. kirsty says:

    not sure id youve noticed but david and nicolas have been starring in quit a oot recently sonthey probably do not have time to go evwn though i would absolutly love to meet them ingo to these conventions every year

  13. Rich says:

    Great to see cousins Jean and Stan.

  14. Erroll says:

    What actors have been confirmed as attending this year?

    • CraigW says:

      The poster above shows the confirmed line up.
      Cousin Jean
      Cousin Stan

  15. Gerry says:

    David Jason and Nick are too stuck up to go to this unlike the other people

  16. Gerry says:

    David Jason and Nick are too stuck up to go to this like the other people

  17. Garry says:

    Due to being a 42 carrat plonker I have 3 tickets which I can no longer use. Mange tout mange tout.

    Was looking to just ship them out to someone free of charge but looking a the post above it seems they are non-transferable.

    I’ve messaged ofah.net to see if there’s time for them to be re-allocated.

  18. Craig says:

    Hi. Im looking for 2 tickets. Prefer gold if possible. Cash waiting. Thanks

    • CraigW says:


      Just so everybody is aware – tickets for this years convention are non-transferable.

      If you are unable to go, you need to email tickets@onlyfools.net with your original order so a refund can be arranged and tickets returned.

      For those that don’t have tickets, you can email tickets@onlyfools.net and be placed on the waiting list – stating your name and how many tickets you are after.

      There is a list and it’s on order of request if any returns come back in

      There is a list on the door on the day, this is for the venues request for H & S reasons so we know who is in the venue.

      Hope that’s clear to save any disappointment on the day.


  19. Craig says:

    Hi. I am looking to get two tickets if possible GOLD. Cash waiting. Thanks

  20. Alex says:

    I would love one ticket to OFAH convention. Are there any available? Let me know please: a.mayney@hotmail.com

  21. Brian Hickey says:

    Hi Guys,
    Also missed out on tickets for this year’s event. Would love to surprise my Dad with tickets, we are both massive fans. Looking for 2 or 3 if anybody is selling. brianhickey2@Gmail.com

  22. Wayne says:

    Unfortunately I’m unable to attend this years convention. Ov 2 golden tickets for sale. £80 each including special delivery. Must sell both together. If interested please contact me 07999066645 thanks

  23. Zak Woolford says:

    My email address is zakwfd@gmail.com


  24. Zak Woolford says:

    Hello guys and girls hope you are well. I was unfortunate not to get a ticket for the convention in November, absolutely gutted! If anyone knows of any tickets going or is unable to make it please can you email me and let me know.



  25. Lee says:

    Hey guys and girls, I didn’t manage to get tickets in time, if anybody is not able to go or have a few tickets spare please contact me il pay a fair price many thanks lee

    Email me at leedixon97@yahoo.com

  26. perry says:

    tickets are in production now – so just a few more weeks – it does say on the page that you ordered from that they are sent out in the summer :)

  27. Nozza says:

    Me too! Bought my tickets donkeys ago but nothing arrived as yet. Please keep me posted. Cheers OFAH

  28. Steve says:


    Has anyone received the tickets for convention yet? I haven’t got mine. Hoping they will be sent soon. Can’t wait to go and meet these brilliant actors/actresses from OFAH!

  29. becky says:

    Just the same question as above just wondered when tickets are sent out? thanks

  30. John Paine says:

    Hi a bought tickets a couple months ago for the convention but not recieved them. Do you know when they will be sent out?

  31. Billy says:

    I brought tickets about 2 months ago and they haven’t arrived ? Do they come at a later date or? These tickets are for the convention

    • Ema says:

      I brought mine in Oct 2014 for this year and haven’t had them yet. Is there a number or anything for me to follow them up at all?

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