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  1. Carl says:

    In go west young man, what’s the name of the gay bar please I really can’t remember this

  2. Carl says:

    In go west young man, what’s the name of the gay bar

  3. Rob says:

    ‘oh, oh that is where our future lies Rodney…. 2nd hand motors…. this time next year, we’ll be millionaires’

  4. Liam malin says:

    Which is?

  5. liam main says:

    The Wikipedia page for this episode states a dvd running time of 30.44 and the iTunes 29.43. Now we know the iTunes early series are unedited whereas the dvd’s are edited so does anyone know why the time difference and if so what is missing from the iTunes version hence the 1 minute difference?

    • Griff says:

      Only one way to find out!

    • Jonathan Pearce says:

      I know what the missing minute relates to, the itunes version misses out a minutes conversation between Del & Grandad in the flat, when Grandad relates how when he was “doing it” with his wife, she asked him in the middle what he wanted for his dinner. Del says “what did you say” and Grandad says “Steak & Kidney pudding I think”, then says “Bad, innit”. The DVD has this scene so can’t understand why itunes cut it – it was also cut on an old BBC broadcast I had, so maybe the BBC cut stuck on the itunes version. It is very annoying as it means the itunes collection isn’t completely uncut. I have also noticed a few small cuts on the Miami Twice itunes version compared to my DVD version.

  6. Mel trotter says:

    Hi everyone,

    Could someone please help me? I have been googling all weekend trying to find a particular song from this episode!

    It is when they enter the night club, standing at the bar, and a good 5 minutes of hit songs play in the background, and I’m sure it’s between ‘ain’t no stopping us now’and ‘freak out’ it is a woman singing, and the lyrics I can catch that are first sung are; ‘teach me honey how/when you move your hips… etc etc tender lips..’ Then it went onto the next song, not even my Mum knows it who was a clubber in the 80s! I would be extremely grateful

    Thanks x

  7. Danny Barrick says:

    Hi all,

    Strange question, but who is the actor who plays the transvestite in the pink dress in the episode go west young man. I thought it looked like Kurt Russell, but I can’t find out anywhere!!!


  8. Danny Barrick says:

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve got a really strange question. Who is the actor who plays the transvestite in pink at the bar in go west young man? I thought it looked like Kurt russell, but I can’t find out anywhere!!


  9. Sam says:

    The blonde girl that they chat up in the club has a real Kate Moss look about her.

  10. inny says:

    Friends and I just had to order Carribean Stallions for ourselves. I have to say Delboy sure knows how to make a great cocktail!!!

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