11 Responses to “Axe Murderer”

  1. Lee lyons says:

    Why at the end do we hear a cue being chalked ?
    Was it del making the noise Or the sound editor trying to imply something

  2. Harry1994 says:

    Del: he’ll be half way to London by now. Rodney: yeah he’s most probably looking for an empty place up there. Grandad: Lets hope he don’t find our flat. Del: WILL YOU SHUT UP!.. Or Rodney: Its called stealing! Grandad: No it aint Rodney. Del: Listen to your Grandad. Grandad: Its called poaching… Great episode from the best series IMO. Any comments are welcome :)

  3. George Darlow says:

    when del needs the loo but he’s to frightened to go incase the axe murderer is out there

  4. Del says:

    anyone else think the axe murderer looked like will ferral

  5. Raquel says:

    The Trotters were fishing in Cornwall, not Devon!!!

  6. oliver morann says:

    I like the monopoly scene ” i own that one roddney” “course you do, u own everything on the board”

    Also when rodney corrects del, “No its a typhoon.” “Good idea rodney, put the kettle on will ya, we’ll have a nice cup of tea!”

  7. Martin Fryer says:

    My favourite 30 minute episode.

    Im working on a new script for the site

  8. admin says:

    Another great scene between Del and the Axe Murderer

    There is the sound of a helicopter passing over. Del looks from the window, closing his eyes with relief.

    Chief: Is that a police helicopter?

    Del: No, you’re alight. (A quick thought) It’s Barratts!!

  9. Danboy says:

    Great episode, some say over-rated but I don’t think so

    Favourite bit:

    Del – There’s a ruddy Typhoid blowing out there!

    Rodney – It’s called a Typhoon

    Del – Good idea Rodney, put the kettle on we’ll have a nice cup of tea!

  10. Brandon says:

    I really like the Monopoly scene and Rodney’s reaction when he sees the man at the window. Always makes me laugh.

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