6 Responses to “Wanted”

  1. Rob M says:

    Rodney: ‘they’ll be posses of them waiting for me in the shower room, they’ll be razors in me soap!… they’ll be broken glass in me porridge!’

    Grandad: ‘oh, you’ll soon learn to adapt Rodney’

  2. Cushty says:

    Best line – The case of the Peckham Pouncer!

  3. George Darlow says:

    what is the song rodney is singing on his way home from the pub?

  4. Simon Ward says:

    There’s one question i have regarding this episode (which happens to be one of my favs). In the scene where Mickey Pearce and Rodney are eyeing up the two sisters there is some music playing in the background.

    It’s got a kind of a funk/soul vibe to it. I have tried so hard to find out what it is.

    Is there any chance you wither know or which direction you could point me ?

    I would love your help, it would be greatly appreciated


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