9 Responses to “Only Fools and Horses – They think its all over – part 1”

  1. paul p says:

    Excellent! but BMW dont make vans?

  2. Kevin W says:

    1986 and you have a man selling DVDs

    • Pete Rigby says:

      Ah, another good point! We need to change the word DVD to ‘video’. My attention to detail is poor sometimes.

      Cheers Kevin


  3. Pete Rigby says:

    Cheers Scott, I hope it lives up to your expectations!!



  4. Great Scott says:

    Great Script so far
    can’t wait to see how this pans out
    its like getting only fools and horses live every day

    Well done Pete

    can’t wait for next part

  5. Mike@NH says:

    A truly excellent script already!!!

    Have you thought of sending it to the BBC, Pete?


    • Pete Rigby says:

      Cheers Mike,

      Yes, this was originally an original script called ‘In For a Penny’ about 4 guys who worked in a pound shop. It was very closely linked to the OFAH characters. I got through the first few hurdles with the BBC then they turned me down. That’s when I adapted it to fit an OFAH script.

      Thanks for your encouragement and kind comments.


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