2 Responses to “Final scene where Del and Rodney drive off”

  1. Gemini58 says:


    Griff, I thought it was a apt location, as only two of them in the van plus baby joan in the back of course as this takes them back to the beginning of the series when it was just the two of them( all but no grandad) and most was filmed around london and its apt its near Shepherds Bush the studios it was made in, and near Peckham, where they now live again they have come full circle ( well that’s my opinion anyway.)

  2. Griff says:

    I thought that for a final scene, the location chosen (for driving away) was quite dull.

    I mean, there we were celebrating an end to the final ever Only Fools, and the boys drive off on a main road, somewhere in London with crap scenery?

    Nothing can beat the 1996 ending.

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