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  1. Bryan farguson says:

    In the very 1st episode in an argument, Del says to Rodney “well anything was better than the salmonella and chips grandad used to knock up” but in later episodes (let sleeping dogs lay) Del does not know what salmonella poisoning is and calls it “Sam and Ella poisoning…”

  2. John says:

    Hello. I have today found another super rare outtake, this time from A Royal Flush, and posted it to YouTube. Very short, but at least it’s another clip tracked down. I’m sure there are a couple more out there at least.


    • Ronnie says:

      Nice Find, Why the BBC could not have put these on the DVD when they are able to find them for other shows is strange.

  3. David T says:

    I have alsp spotted a blooper on only fools and horses in series 4 episode one with grandads funeral.

    Midway through the episode at the trotters flat there is a shot where david jason is standing over by the door with the camera up close to his face until he is called by another character to where the camera cuts to another but as we see delboy walking away from the door area you can see the massive shadow of the camera man on the door and you see him pull the camera away.

    Hope this is another help towards the bloopers you are looking for.


  4. markross says:

    yes because if you recall delboy has instaled a delux door bell and as rodney is knocking at the door with no responce he presses it i dont remember if it was the american or french national anthem or not

  5. Simon says:

    I love seeing these outtakes. great to see unseen Del boy no matter how short!
    Does anyone know if there are any original film reels at the bbc? I have noticed that the old Dr Who DVD releases have been throwing up old extended and deleted scenes that are still on the original films for the 70’s and 80’s shows. If there’s anyone with a bit of sway at the Beeb perhaps they could find out. might bring up some great extras!
    I’m sure this has been thought of but you never know!
    Some of them have probably been chucked on top of an old gas stove…

  6. John says:

    Can anyone recall an outtake with Rodney in ‘Chance of a Lunchtime’, set after Cassandra has seen him with Trudie and he’s run back to their apartment and is banging on the door? I’ve a vague memory of it, but I don’t know if it’s something I’ve seen, or something I’ve read about.

    Speaking of those clips, the Touch of Glass one was definitely from Auntie’s Golden Bloomers, not so sure about the It Never Rains one. When Challenge recently showed a marathon of Auntie’s Bloomers programmes, Golden Bloomers was one of ones which wasn’t shown, unfortunately.

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