5 Responses to “Only Fools and Horses Outtakes”

  1. Dell boy says:

    The Gold documentary from 2017 showed outtakes. Dress rehearsals. They no doubt have many hours of tapes. It’s a shame they will probably never be released. Unless somebody who has access to the archives smuggles them out and makes copies.

  2. david olson says:

    My son saw last episode being made and said lots of out takes where are they all.you’ll make a fortune

  3. ComedyRemixed says:

    Thats my Youtube Channel :D

    I heard Nicolas Lyndhurts say in in an interview once, that their were Hours and Hours of Tapes full of them Laughing and having to redo scenes, i would love to see some of those, There must be more than 4, surely.

  4. Ronnie says:

    There must be loads more in the BBC vaults. I guess one day someone will dust them off for a new DVD release. One day….

  5. Griff says:

    You’re welcome ;-)

    I’d never, ever come across these before.

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