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  1. Mark Taha says:

    Said in today’s Mail-kid in Egypt saying “Lovely jubbly.Tallyho.tally ho!” to Cameron. Has the series ever been shown in Egypt?

    Congratulations on your wedding. Don’t know if you ever read P.G.Wodehouse-suffice it to saty that he invented Ukridge,a character who might have been one of Delboy’s ancestors.

    I really enjoyed “Rock and Chips” but was struck at John’s changing history,so to speak. I remember that reunuion featuring the class of 1962,not 1960,and that Freedy the Frog had been doing his National Service in the Navy,not serving during the war-alongside an Able Seaman Trotter,perhaps?

    Iespecially liked Kelly Bright’s performance as Joan-I can see why Del felt the wyay he did about his mother.That she only married Reg because he’d put her in the club was predictable-although I can only assume that she was drunk that night!I must admit that,as a Darling Buds fan as well,I’ve always suspected that Pop Larkin was Del’s father!

    I didn’t think Albert and Ada had kids-surely Stan was his nephew?

    As for a return-I’ve an idea.Bring them back for the Olympics-even if they can’y get Sir David and Nick,couldn’t we have Damien following in father’s footsteps,perhaps with Tyler ?

    And is there any OFAH fan fiction?Say-if Joan had lived on,as we all wish she had?

  2. admin says:

    It’s looking like a great episode

    According to an interview with Rock and Chips star James Buckley who plays young Del – this episode has a little more humour now the characters are settled in their rolls.

    This is a must watch for all Only Fools fans

    Its not a comedy as such, but you will love the subtelties John Sullivan has put in for Fools fans

    Rock and Chips 9pm Wednesday 29th December

  3. Philip Coffey says:

    Just spent my entire December 26th (St. Stephens day here, Boxing Day there) watching Only Fools and then Rock and Chips. Brilliant doesn’t even cover it. John Sullivan (or O’Sullivan if we’re being proper Irish) you are a genius sir. I cannot wait for Wed night. Make us proud mate, do a series..

  4. admin says:

    Make sure you leave your Rock and Chips review on https://www.ofah.net/blog/rock-and-chips-5-gold-rings-review/

    Let us know what you thought of the new 5 Gold Rings episode

  5. Does anyone have Perry’s e-mail just that I sen t £7 to become a mmber of Hookie Street and I haven’t had any reply yet.
    Many Thanks

  6. Garfield says:

    I’m the biggest fan of OFAH in the world!
    I love that John Sullivan is doing a prequel to OFAH!
    I think that they should let David Jason guest-star in one of the prequels.
    Maybe he could drive by in the yellow three-wheel van and young Boycie say to young Del Boy.
    “That’s what you will be driving in the future.”

    • admin says:

      Thats a very good idea Garfield “David Jason drives by in the yellow three-wheel van and young Boycie say to young Del Boy.
      “That’s what you will be driving in the future.”
      Hope John Sullivan reads that for a future episode!


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