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  1. Mark says:

    Sadly the video link is missing from this page. Anyone got a URL? Sadly, this episode is missing from Gomovies as well

  2. Mystery Bidder says:

    Has anyone ever noticed that in the riot scene there is a shot of Del sitting in the Capri Ghia, and there are the initials “DT” printed on the drivers door, obviously for Derek Trotter.

  3. Carol Baillie says:

    Another error in this I notice in the bed scene where rodney says he remembers his dad and mum fighting and del coming back drunk doesnt add up in the episode where their at the club and he has broken up with Cassy, and his back living with Del and Raquel he says at the night club he does not remember her just a hole in the ground was for at the cemetry I think or in the flat in the club he says just this blond woman yet in fatal extraction he says he remembers his mum and dad fighting so how does this add up i just watching fatal attraction now and as its on uk gold so often these days you get to notice all this bad script writing or forgetful memory from John Sullivan doesn’t make sense! in another episode

    • Carol Baillie says:

      its in the “Rodney come home” episode although Rodney never went through with the date he still took it further than Del did when Rodney asked him to cancel his date with the Receptionist at the dentist total hypocrisy here from Rodney at least Del backed down immediately!

    • Griff says:

      There is the negative comment on John Sullivan’s so-called ‘bad script writing’.

  4. Carol Baillie says:

    I think Rodney is a hypocrite here because he did the same thing to Cassandra when he when out with or neaerly tanya or threatened to yet del boy backs down immediately about his date with the dentist receptionist but look at Rodney he was polishing his shoes and was taking it all the way to taking her to the pictures leaving del to go round to Casandras i notice a lot of this sort of thing througout the entire series between Rodney and Del a lot…im sorry but its true.

  5. Gary says:

    In this episode when Del, Rodney, Trigger and Denzil are in Sid’s cafe, Del is trying to remember the name of the bird he once dated (this turned out to be Marlene), Denzil mentions Pauline, obviously a clear reference to Pauline Harris who appeared in the earlier episode The Second Time Around.

  6. Gerry says:

    i watched this old episode last night after a long time and i thought the actress Beverly is very beautiful with a lovely smile

  7. Andrew says:

    Another good Christmas speical, is it just me or is tessa peake-jones really beautiful in this episode.

  8. Cushty says:

    I wonder what happened to Gerry the Gerbil after this episode. Did we ever see or hear of him again?

    • Dan says:

      It was 3 years ’til the next 3 episodes, so the Gerbil may have died, they don’t live that long, and if it was still alive, it would probably have been in Damiens’ room and not part of the story :)

  9. Belinda says:

    Does anybody notice the bottle of heinz tomato sauce mistake at the beginning of the episode? first it is nearly empty, albert then pours it and it’s totally full then he puts it back down it’s nearly empty again. :)

  10. Ernest says:

    Who’s the blonde barmaid at 57:45 ? It’s certainly not Faye from “Steps”, she was very young back in ’93. I would appreciate an answer .

  11. ste says:

    So does del actualy marry raquel or is it a mistake?

    • Cushty says:

      A mistake I would of thought, as she was being introduced by Del as his ‘Significant Other’ in If They Could See Us Now, 8 years later.

  12. DeepthroatGhoul says:

    Rodney told Cassandra that Del did not turn up for his O-Level/GCE Exams and got eight A’s which stood for “Absent”, yet in the second Rock & Chips episode “Five Gold Rings”, Del was shown to have left school before taking his GCE’s. His family were fully aware of it, and they did not send Del back to school because he was their sole breadwinner (at least until Joannie got both her old job at the Ritz Cinema back, and the job of being Freddie the Frog’s charlady).

  13. Jayne says:

    whats the name of the music that is played after Mars by Gustav Holst as Del is driving through the riot please

  14. Daniel says:

    Just noticed a little mistake in the episode Fatal Extraction, quite early on in the episode, when Albert gives Del the Relate, Marriage guidance thing that came through the door, Rodney says, “Del and Raquel are not married” to which Albert replies “No, but they row though, don’t they”.

    However, later on in the nags head, Del and Rodney are talking, when Del says “I have a wife and kid” to which rodney replies “i have a wife and… Thermometer”

    Did Raquel and Del Get married off screen or is this perhaps a mistake from John Sullivan. I know It is trivial, but quite interesting.

    • Rob M says:

      To the best of my knowledge, it must have been a small mistake made by John Sullivan.

      as there was never an episode where Del and Raquel got married – I dont even think the 2 characters got married off-screen either.

      purely a small mistake on behalf of John.

  15. James C says:

    I feel I must point out an error in the episode observations. You state that Del presses the horn in the middle of the steering wheel to clear the rioters but Capri horn were on the stalk. That was not always the case. I have previously owned four Capri’s, of which two had the horn in the middle of the steering wheel. The ones that were like that were the 2.8i and the 3.0V6. Plus being an old model Capri Ghia that Del had, it is quite possible that someone put airhorns in the middle of the wheel and the ordinary horn on the stalk.

  16. steve gillespie says:

    What is the name of the actress who plays Beverley?

  17. John says:

    Re:the answer machine is not the one raquel bought, del bought it off ronnie nelson,

  18. Daniel says:

    what john l said was also in a book called the gift, by cecilia ahern

  19. Bella says:

    Can’t read this script neither.

  20. John L says:

    The flat moving from floor 13 to floor 12 between Royal Flush and this episode is based on fact. I knew someone who lived in Peckham in one of the flats the Trotters are supposed to be in and the floors were renumbered in the early ’90 originally the ground floor was 1 American style but this became Ground or Zero in a big refurbishment. Then because people who had bought their flats complained about deprecation at suddenly being on the unlucky 13th floor they went 12-14 and skipped 13 all together.

  21. admin says:

    In Fatal Extraction, on the fatal extraction box it has a picture of a scene from rodney come home

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