46 Responses to “Only Fools and Horses Convention Dates For 2022”

  1. Rob M says:

    I really hope in 2023 the convention returns to Kent, the last time was the year 2008 in Maidstone.

    I thinks its time the Kent-atarians got their turn again…. lol

  2. Thomas says:

    Hi there is any dates for 2023 I would love meet David Jason

  3. June Tomlinson says:

    Hi please could you tell me how I can add my name to your mailing list for upcoming OFAH conversations

  4. Jan says:

    When will the tickets go on sale and how much are they? for 2 of the shows fans, would love to meet some of the cast

  5. Mrs j cavalier says:

    Can u let me know when the tickets go on sale and how much please, for 2 biggest fans of the show thanx

  6. Mustafa says:

    When do we know the location of 2023 hope it’s not far from London

  7. Jon Hunt says:

    When will the tickets go on sale for this months event in Bedford?
    Thank you.

  8. Andrew ghader says:

    Can I be notified of the 2023 dates please… and ticket sales, I know they won’t be planned yet but i my will be a great surprise for my brothers 40th.

  9. Leonard Jones says:

    Any chance I could be contacted if any tickets become available please.

  10. Lucy says:

    I have already booked a hotel for those dates in Bedford. So really would like to know when tickets go on sale and if I can notified when they do.

  11. David Woolley says:

    I would like to but tickets please let me know when and how to get them.

  12. Michelle says:

    Hi, how do we buy tickets for this?

  13. Darren Graham says:

    When do tickets for the 2022 convention at Sharnbrook hotel go on sale?

  14. Luke Heard says:

    Can you let me know when tickets are available please.

  15. Dean says:

    I have purchased tickets a while back when do we receive the e tickets

  16. Michael says:

    Hi could you please tell me we’re I can get tickets from as I have missed the last to and is it possible to use my wheelchair there thankyou

  17. Michael says:

    Hi could I please be added to the mailing list and also can you please let me know if it is possible to get care and disabled ticket and the price please thankyou

  18. Pammy says:

    Plz cd u be added and could anyone tell me how to get tickets

  19. Steve says:

    Could please find out when tickets come on sale

  20. Lucy says:

    Hello could I please be adding to a mailing list too or notified please 🤞🤞

  21. John says:

    Hi, When will details of the only fools and horses in March 2022 be released and how do I purchase them. ?

  22. Philip Charles says:

    Hi, please can I be added to mailing list for info on ticket release. Bonjour

  23. Mandy says:

    Hi where do i get tickets for the convention my husband will love this for his 40th

  24. Sanjeev Bhavnani says:

    When will tickets go on sale ? thanks

  25. Stuart Morley says:

    Hi, please could I be added to any mailing list to be notified of tickets. Many thanks

  26. Dodger says:

    Haha the tickets are sold now and still no information here about what’s going on…it still says ‘more details soon’

  27. Graham Munday says:

    Hi .when can I buy tickets for the convention please

  28. Shane says:

    Hi could you please notify me when tickets become available.


  29. ROB says:

    Guys, please keep Patrick Murray (Mickey Pearce) in your thoughts and prayers as it was revealed earlier today that Patrick has lung cancer.

  30. Jay subramani says:

    When will tickets be for sale and is this the last one iv heard?

  31. Ian Moore says:

    Where can i buy tickets for the 2022 only fools and horses convention at the sharnbrook hotel, please.
    Many thanks.
    Ian moore

  32. Marie Hamson says:

    Any idea when details for the 2022 only fools and horses convention will be available??

  33. Liam Fitton says:

    How would I go about buying tickets for the convention coming up when would they be on sale
    Liam fitton

  34. Marie Hamson says:

    When will details of the only fools and horses in March 2022 be released?

  35. zoe Jackson says:

    How do I get tickets for this please

  36. Rachel says:

    Hi I wondered if you could get me a ticket for me and my carer for the Bedford convention please

  37. Martin Bolton says:

    Hi, My name is Martin and I would appreciate very much if you can let me know when convention tickets are going on sale ?

    I am autistic and would love to attend the convention with my friend. I could be wrong but think I may have watched more OFAH than anyone else on this planet!!!

    I’m 42 years old now and since the age of 2 Del Boy Rodney and all of their friends and family have been on my TV EVERY day. More often than not ALL day !!

    Unfortunately I have never been able to come meet the stars of the show so it’d be cushty if i could get my hands on a couple of tickets this time round!!

    bonjour (:

  38. Andrew Sheader says:

    Hello please can I be added to the mailing list and be notified when tickets go on sale please?Thank you

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