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  1. alan says:

    true ledgend. will be a tear in my eye watching rock and chips thursday night.

  2. Stephen says:

    John a great man who knew what the british public needed when it came to comedy. He gave us the Trotter family and a bunch of great catch phrases.
    John you are going to be greatly missed.

  3. Martin Stitchener says:

    RIP John
    I am still shocked at the news of his passing,Its so sad.

    I literally grew up watching “Only fools and horses” as I am sure did many people. But it did not stop there “Citizen Smith” brilliant “Just good Friends” brilliant and I have to say “Rock and chips” is superb too, and thats just naming a few.

    The finest comedy writer ever to grace our televisions, writing alone comedies that normally would of taken a duo to come up with, and creating such legends as “Del Boy and Rodney” for us all to love.

    We owe you big time John for all the laughs, I hope you rest in peace mate.

    Im not sure I would want “Rock and Chips” to carry on unless John had already written the scrips, I will watch the third installment with tears in my eyes.

  4. Pete Rigby says:

    Where do I start? John Sullivan was without doubt the best and most prolific comedy writer ever. He inspired me to try my hand at script-writing and I’m choked. He was a man amongst men and a true genius.

    He put more smiles on faces than any other human being. What a legacy!

    My thoughts are with his family and all the fabulous actors that brought his words to life.

    See you up there John!

  5. mike says:

    I’ve only just read the news. This is absolutely devastating. This man was responsible for what is considered by public and critics alike the greatest sit-com ever! It’s in that category of Laurel & Hardy, Morecambe & Wise, Blackadder, Fawlty, Milligan, Python etc… where if in the rare instance you met someone who didn’t really like it, you looked at them as if to say ‘What on earth is the matter with you?’ A brilliant man who in his own way (while growing up watching OFAH) made my life that bit better. Thank you John. God rest you.

  6. Philip Coffey says:

    I am in shock, and cannot believe that the great John Sullivan has passed away. The greatest writing genius of modern times. A man who has left an incredible legacy behind. I think of his family, and hope they find comfort in the fact that this man was beloved by millions. Some who knew why they loved him, and others, fans of his work, who didn’t even know they loved his brilliant mind. This is a very sad day indeed. For all you gave us John, thank you sir. You will not be forgotten, but remembered, and revered.

  7. Brandon says:

    R.I.P John I won’t forget you all them times you have cheered me up with Only Fools & Horses, and also that amazing prequel which won’t be continued now, which is so upsetting :(

    I don’t think I will be able to watch Only Fools anymore without getting upset you were just the best writer I’ve ever seen and It’s such a tragic loss. :(

  8. Faith OSullivan says:

    In loving and respectful memory of a brilliant and talented writer who made people laugh. The world today is a sadder place for his loss and I shall never see an inflatable doll again without thinking of him & smiling – which is I feel how he would want to be remembered – with a smile.

  9. Robert McGivern says:

    RIP John

    The world will be a much sadder place without you. Your outstanding scriptwriting brought so much laughter, joy and pleasure to so many people. You were a GENIUS.

    Sincere Condolences to your family and close friends from a deeply saddened OFAH fanatic in Northern Ireland.

  10. michele says:

    John if u happen to read this or someone, i have been an avid fan since the start of only fools, have all the dvds im nearly word perfect on some!
    I would like the theme tune to take me into & out of church at my funeral, morbid i know, but what an entrance & exit!!,
    & i cant think of any thing else i would want. so help me plz

  11. Ecimovic says:


  12. Karen M. Henton says:

    John Sullivan, bless him! All of humanity owe him so much. A long and happy life to him! Gotta get his autograph…

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