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  1. brad nicholson says:

    ive just read the notes when noticing the points about the alotment scene and i can tell you that back in 1992 i was 21 years old and late in the evening i was walking along our main road in brighton when looking up at the top of an alotment nearby when i saw the spotlight of the set where they done the night scene with denzel and trigger,i also noticed when watching the series in the alotment i could see in the distance the polytechnic college in the lewes road and also the bakers forfars at the top of hill,also the nags head was converted from a local pub in brighton called the admiral napier in elm grove brighton.

  2. Jay says:

    Does anyone know the name/artist of the song being played in Miles’ organic shop??
    It sounds like a jazzy instramental.

  3. Griff says:

    What has always fascinated me with this great special, is the lack of continuity of this story-line in later specials.

    Surely Del and Rodney would have been banged up and put away for quite a long time. Even if they somehow backed down on the deal, Miles would have found a way to source the ‘Peckham Spring’ himself and quickly realise it was all a con and thus, would have grassed the Trotters to the police.

    I know each episode of OFAH doesn’t really relate to the previous one in terms of storyline, but this one was pretty big!

  4. Griff says:

    •In Mother Natures Son, in the scene where the Trotter’s check in to the hotel in Brighton, the porter is carrying Del Boy’s leopard skin suitcase. This however, is the same suitcase that was stolen previously in Miami Twice Part 2!

    –Maybe he bought another one? Just a thought..

    •In Mother Natures Son, When Del and Rodney are browsing around Miles’ health food shop, Del is complaining about the prices of the items. He then notices the range of spring waters and is stunned that they actually bottle water and sell it. If he is so negative about this water, why has he bought it previously?

    –Perhaps Del bought his trendy water at rock bottom prices?

    •In Mother Natures Son, Del has brought the flat off the council. but in”heroes and villains” he is turned down a council grant to do up the kitchen.So why would he get one as a private owner?, and not a tenant?

    –Either Del sold his flat back to the council as he quite clearly couldn’t afford it, or he simply applied for a sponsor type fund as some people are eligible to do this.
    Also, didn’t Del say he ‘If they could see us now’ that he’d bought his flat? Confusing!

    Regarding all the Albert not actually eating the bacon sarny – so what? As an actor, do you really want to eat on-screen food?

  5. Rob M says:

    There is only 1 small, minor cut to this episode.

    on TV Broadcasts (UK GOLD) have ‘money’ by the beatles being played when Del and family go to the hotel.

    on video/DVD releases – a piece of instrumental music is being played when Del and family go to the hotel.

    not really a cut as such – but a small musical difference.

    • Griff says:

      I don’t remember any instrumental music being played when they goto the hotel. It was definitely a rock song of some kind.

  6. mike says:

    where is the health food shop owned by myles located

  7. Del says:

    this is bit of a coincidence ,raquel finds an i.d braclet with gary on it this aired in 25 december 1992 , strangers on the shore aired in 25 december 2002 and i think you know where this is going

  8. Steve says:

    Regarding uncle albert not biting the sandwich. Even if the bacon was raw he wouldn’t get food poisoning, bacon is a cured meat so can be eaten straight from the packet – wouldn’t taste nice though.

    Most probably didn’t bite it in case they needed to do a retake.

  9. John L says:

    The diving suit prop was later used by Lloyd Scott to run the London Marathon and is now on display in the Maritime Museum at Greenwich.

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