19 Responses to “Only Fools and Horses Convention Dates For 2021”

  1. Kevin Lee says:

    Hope this isn’t gonna be another ticket farce. I’ve been part of the of&h appreciation society since 1995. Went to the first ever convention but couldn’t get tickets to the last one because of plastic fans.

  2. G A lofts says:


    How can I join the society and access the market place buy/ sell page as am trying to track down a specific autograph from an actor who was a guest on ‘Jolly Boys Outing’

    Do your conventions have merchandise/ memorabilia for sale please?

    Thank you for your time


  3. I miss my convention fix, I hope this gets to go ahead this year.

  4. Nadia fish says:

    How can I join the Society and how can I book tickets please

  5. Sean says:

    Would love to meet the cast at the October 2021 convention.

    How can I get tickets, always been a dream on mine

  6. Sean says:

    How can I secure a ticket for October 2021 convention, always been a dream of mine to meet the cast.

    Many thanks

    Sean needs

  7. Hywel Wilson says:

    Can i please be informed as soon as possible when tickets go on sale, would love to go to this

  8. Can you confirm how to secure tickets for this years convention please.
    I’m fine for first come first served but would appreciate knowing what date/time tix go on sale please ?

  9. Sanjeev Bhavnani says:

    How can I join the society

  10. Julie Morriss says:

    I live in Whitemead House, Ashton, Bristol
    Used in the filming of.Only.fools and horses
    Shouldn’t a plaque be out up outside to mark the hoise

  11. Dave says:

    Considering this is the 40th anniversary convention, what would the chances be of “Sir” David Jason and Nic Lyndhurst coming along to this? probably zero, they probably think they’re too busy and important for such an occasion. You never see any star of the show at any of these fan conventions other than Boycie and Marlene, Mickey or Sid. which is ashame.

  12. Penny says:

    Hi, I have a specific question I would like to ask the head of the Fan site, could you please give me a contact number or email address please?

    Many thanks


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  14. Mick Wigfall says:

    How can I join the society andl where is the next one

  15. Mick Wigfall says:

    How can I join the society and when is well where is the next one

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