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  1. Douglas J Hill says:

    Anyone know why this episode is not available in Britbox presentation of OFAH?

  2. Greg says:

    When Rodney says “you can steer a ship by the stars” uncle Albert says “ya he’s right” but when Albert says “there’s millions of em” Rodney says “ I bloody love him” but it was Rodney who suggested it in the first place NOT uncle Albert , bad mistake.

  3. gemma says:

    With Slater aware Boycie and Abdul are putting up the money for the diamonds does anyone notice that at Sid’s cafe Del Boy makes a phone call to Boycie’s car business and they discuss that Slater is aware Boycie and Abdul are putting up the money and to meet up at the back of Denzil’s lorry. Surely if Slater knew Boycie and Abdul were putting up the money then Slater would have tapped Boycie’s car business phone as he is Chief Inspector of the police. Then Slater would have surely caught Del Boy, Boycie and Abdul in the back of Denzil’s lorry with the 50 grand in the suitcase!

    • Rich says:

      Because Slater didn’t want to catch them until they had brought the diamonds back, that was his plan, catch them with the diamonds and keep them for himself.

  4. Stephen Morgan says:

    I never understood how Slater could have gone to prison, and Del, Rodney, Albert, Boycie and Abdul could have got away with it scot free. Surely their involvement would have come out at Slater’s trial? I know Del was granted an “immunity from prosecution” in the previous Slater episode, but do such arrangements exist in real life, and how far and long would it extend? Presumably he couldn’t murder someone and claim immunity from prosecution! And he was clearly keen about not being caught here. So the fact that he and his family were physically smuggling diamonds into the country seems to have been overlooked at the end.

  5. David says:

    What happened to the schooner boat after the program in hull and back .
    Did it get sold on

  6. Roy Wood says:

    My Favourite Episode :)

  7. pete w says:

    the picture of rodney and denzil stood near the van with the humber bridge towers behind them is in hessle ,east yorkshire i,ve been to the exact location as i am from hessle near hull.

  8. David S says:

    This special has had a couple of line cuts from the iTunes version. It is during the scene in the cafe before Slater comes to the table:

    Rodney: What about the poor black bloke?

    Hoskins: Oh he’ll be alright, they reckon he might get a record contract out of it

    However the above is intact on the Netflix UK stream.

  9. Mystery Bidder says:

    If you watch closely when Del is inside Denzil’s lorry, his rings on his left hand disappear then reappear at times.

  10. Claire Hughes says:

    Does anyone know the song played when Del Boy and Rodney are talking to Denzil while he is in the lorry? I’ve tried SoundHound and Shazam, but to no avail.


  11. Jack Rollingson says:

    When Albert first arrives at the port, he mentions that he brings his passport along with him. But in “If They Could See Us Now”, Rodney mentions that he doesn’t have a passport!

  12. Matthew says:

    “In To Hull and Back, When denzil sees the trooters on the start off there sea journey he is sat on the east coast and the boat is traveling north. holland is to the south!”

    Denzil is sitting on the end of Spurn Point, looking South. The boat is travelling in a south-easterly directions out of the Humber into the North Sea – directly towards Holland. Same direction that the ferries travel out of the Humber.

  13. Gerry says:

    yes when they are running in Amsterdam they run past the Royal Palace which is at Dam Square i was in Amsterdam over 2 years ago it has a seedy reputation with the coffee shops and brothels but every thing is legal
    however three canals run through the city plus the Amstel river it is almost
    a water city, which makes it very picturesque, that was the first ever of the
    specials , and it was brilliant, Slater the bent copper in with van cleef
    Del does look at the money when they are counting it like he said to Boycie
    but Del if your that good with money i wont mention the fifteen grand which was PUCKER! least they had a couple of diamonds. did anyone miss the laugh track? does anyone know that tune when they are running in Holland?

  14. Griff says:

    Had a thought about something that could be most obvious about this episode.

    Why didn’t Del Boy question the 15 grand cash Abdul/Boycie put out on the table rather than back at the flat? As Del knew the cash he couriered to Amsterdam was fake.

    Also, surely Del would have made use of the counterfeit money one way or another. This is Del Boy we’re talking about!

  15. Andy says:

    At the start of the episode Del says on many occasions that he is skint.

    Later he picks up the £50,000 in a locked briefcase.

    When he returns THEN Boycie gives him HIS £15 Grand for the job.

    So how did Del Boy afford to hire the boat and how did Albert afford to get up to Hull? When he left in the lorry the only money he supposedly had was what was locked in the briefcase.

    • Harry1994 says:

      I think your looking into it too much mate haha :) Besides Del Boy will always have some cash hidden away somewhere for times just like this – even if he did tell Boycie he was skint :)

    • Griff says:

      Well if you remember, Boycie fronted up any cost to Del in order to courier the diamonds.

      You will have to assume Del asked Boycie for a certain amount for train fares, boat hire fares etc.

      • Harry1994 says:

        Very true, i remember the conversation Del had with Boycie and Abdul about needing money for 2 plane tickets and they wondered why he needed 2 so Del explained that he needed to take Rodney as a diversion..

    • rob says:

      fair point, but just to note that during the brief case exchange in the back of denzel’s lorry, Del is told that he will be covered for ‘expenses’ for 2 plane tickets. Even though we never see money exchanged we can at least assume that Del received 2 plane fares worth of dosh. Since he never took the plane, that money would at least ‘help’ partly cover but maybe not completely cover alberts train fare and the boat rental.

  16. pajdoman7 says:

    I need name of song that plays when Del, Rodney and Albert are runnning in Holland

  17. Sam Harland says:

    Who is the actress who plays the lady talking to Denzel in,the cafe in hull??

  18. Steverico says:

    John Challis was interviewed today ( 21/10/13) on Radio Humberside and when he was asked about “To Hull And Back ” he said all the actors stayed in Hull during the filming and a replica of The Nags head was built in a warehouse.

    He also told a story about most of the actors having an all night party for a birthday thinking they had the next day off but rain interupted outside filming so they got called in work drunk.

    I always have a chuckle when I pass the spot in the train station where Uncle Albert meets Del and Rodney off the train.

  19. ofah says:

    I would like to get hold of the song list for to hull and back (as well as the jolly boys outing)


  20. Mark Peters says:

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  21. Keith says:

    Watched my old VHS 1992 re-run of this episode last night, am I right in thinking this was the first OFAH to be made in stereo? a stereo indicator appears on the BBC Christmas ident just prior to broadcast, and it actually sounds like stereo.

    As THAB was feature length and made on film, I guess there is a good chance it was also made in stereo?

    Nicam broadcasts didn’t really start until late 1991, so Miami Twice 1 was probably the first episode to actually be broadcast in stereo.

    • Darren says:

      The final episode of the 1986 series “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” was, as far as I know, the first OFAH episode to be recorded in Stereo. As the rest of this 1986 series was recorded in Mono, I assume it was recorded in Stereo to test-transmit using the NICAM Stereo broadcast system, which the BBC first began to use, initially very infrequently, from as early as 1986.

  22. YoungTowser says:

    The bacon sandwich/ 32p bill issue is easily explained.

    Del can be seen reaching over to take Slater’s uneaten sandwich after he and Hoskins leave (Hoskins sandwich is also clearly uneaten or at least mostly). This is further corroborated by the fact that neither Slater or Hoskins are seen physically eating. The 32p must have been the price of 2 teas (16p each, for him and Rodney) sounds about right.

    As per the below, quite likely that Denzil was sat on the north side of the estuary and hence would be facing south/south-east.

    Boycie knowing about Albert being on the boat can also be explained. It would’ve taken Albert at least, say, 4-5 hours to get to Hull from Peckham (factoring in travel across London, waiting for a train and then the actual journey). This would’be given Del plenty of time to ring Boycie and explain his new plan. Given that the phonecall to Albert about bringing their clothes was not shown, then equally no reason why a call from Del to Boycie should be.

  23. ProudestUncleEver says:

    It makes me laugh people who write things like how on earth could today and denzil make it to hull without a break, for petes is a comedy, not meant to be real, just watch and enjoy!

    • Abu says:

      Very true. They not hurting anyone. These critics should be scientists if they wanna analyse an all time great British Comedy.

  24. Ian Jacklin says:

    Del told Boycie that as soon as the brief case full of money was opened in the Amsterdam office, even standing a few feet away from it, he noticed right away that it was counterfeit. If he was so good why did he throw £15000 of real money from his balcony??

  25. Stu says:

    Does anyone know the name of the song in the background when they’re in sid’s caf with slater and hoskins?

  26. John L says:

    “In To Hull and Back, In the scene where Slater and his henchmen are checking the lorries for thieves Rodney is seen to be observing very clearly what is going. Why didn’t Slater and his gang spot the yellow van ? Rodney responds facially when Slater homes in on Denzil’s lorry so how on earth did Slater miss it ! To top it all in the next scene Slater says he went looking for Del’s van and it was missing!”

    My guess is Slater did see the van and perhaps even guessed Del was in the van and that it was connected. As did Hoskins. However Slater needed to deal to go down so he could get the diamonds for himself while Hoskins needed the deal to go down so he could catch Slater red handed. The later scene where the can is reported as missing can be seen as Slater testing Hoskins and Hoskins not letting on how much he knows. In fact by that point they probably both know that Del is the courier but neither wants to let on.

  27. Paul Smith says:

    Quote:In To Hull and Back, When denzil sees the trotters on the start off there sea journey he is sat on the east coast and the boat is traveling north. holland is to the south!. Unquote

    Denzil is actually sat on the banks of the Humber Estuary in which case the boat would be travelling right to left to get to Holland

  28. Marshy says:

    Do you mean ‘Spys like Us’ by Paul McCartney. Thats playing in the pub

  29. arden says:

    i’m also very intersted what is the name of that song in the pub??

  30. Matt Hubbert says:

    Does anyone know the song playing in the pub at the very beginning of the episode?

  31. admin says:

    Many of the outside scenes were shot in Amsterdam.

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